Sunday, July 12, 2015

Peas and Corn on Pizza?!

Pizza with corn and peas??
Last night around ten p.m. or so, I realized I was on day two of not eating. Although I didn't feel like eating, we ordered pizza anyway. I don't even remember where we ordered it from, but I had to get this pizza they called Garden Pizza. It has peas, corn, and roasted red pepper. I like to put some non-traditional veggies and such on my pizza, but I have never heard of, or thought to try peas and corn! Believe it or not, all the flavors worked really well together. I also liked the pop of texture from the peas and corn. The original garden pizza is ruined of course by not one, but two types of cheese, so the vegan version is of course an improvement!  With the peas, and roasted red pepper, it was definitely on the sweet side for pizza. I think kids would love it. Next time I try this pie, I will add crushed red pepper to balance it out more, and just because I have to have spice in my life! The place we ordered from was pretty meaty, so I was impressed that they actually had two different vegetarian options for pizza. Plus a decent sized veggie selection if you wanted to make your own pie. Although I am not a fan of eating out, it has been a necessary evil in my life for over a week now, so I appreciate being in a much more vegan friendly city, otherwise I would be really struggling right now. That being said, I so desperately want to cook my own food! I want to mainline green juice right now!!
Yesterday when I dropped Dylan at the hospital, they let us go back in the room to say goodnight. All of the vets and nurses(?) assistants(?) were treating the animals, writing their charts, etc. I was so surprised to hear one of the vets mocking a man who brought his dog in thinking she ate anti-freeze. She was laughing because he said  it happened four days ago, and she was very heartlessly laughing that the dog would have died already. While that may be true, it seemed like a dick move to make fun of someone who doesn't have that knowledge. With the prices that vets and animal hospitals charge, I certainly would expect a little more respect and compassion for people who love and care for their fur babies. And this was the woman caring for my Dylan. I'm not ready to talk about what she told me yesterday, it's not good, and the previous vet gave me a little too much hope. I just need a day or so to absorb the information. I also need a break from crying, I fear I might lose all of my skin on my face. He will be getting released from the hospital today, so that's good news for us both. As soon as I have processed I will share. Thanks again to everyone's kind words. It really means a lot to us both. If you have a fur baby, or babies, give them all the extra love you can, and then some love for me.


  1. What a rough time both you and Dylan are having. I hope you get a reprieve soon. You definitely made the right decision moving back to Seattle regardless of Dylan's health problems.

  2. Thank you. It's made the move much more painful, and the recent events have made me question my decision for sure. I can't wait to have Dylan in my lap again!

  3. I think the pizza sounds like something I would try and enjoy! Sorry to hear about the negative experience at the vet OMG I totally would have said something to that lady! Grrr! Continued thoughts/vibes/prayers for you guys!

  4. The pizza was so strange, I had to try it, and it worked! Thank you so much for your thoughts/vibes/prayers!