Thursday, July 9, 2015

Desperately Seeking a Kitchen!!!

My first restaurant pic!! Vegan burrito

Safeway makes kombucha now!! 
After spending some time at Magnuson, we stopped at a local restaurant for a late lunch. I ordered the vegetarian rice and bean burrito sans cheese and sour cream, I also ordered a dinner salad. When my meal arrived, my salad was smothered in cheese! The server seemed surprised that I would want a salad with no cheese, even though I ordered a burrito with no cheese. Anyway, when she returned my salad, it was very obvious that she just scraped the cheese off the original salad, (I am a server, I've seen it all.) My dining companion noticed a few shreds remained, and suggested I send it back a second time. I didn't see a point, I just picked off the tomato pieces, which seemed to be holding the stray cheese shreds. This is one of the many reasons I dislike eating at restaurants. I like to prepare my own food. I resent feeling like I could be considered a pain for not wanting cheese on my salad. I also don't want to feed the myth that vegans are huge pains in the asses to deal with at mealtime, but damn, I don't want cheese on my salad! Hotel/motel living is wearing on my whole family, and having a kitchen cannot come soon enough! I swear I'm going to chop vegetables for hours!!! I'm also going to make soooooo many green juices! The burrito was okay, certainly nothing worthy of a second trip. It's now been one full week since I've had my own cooking, and I miss it so much! I will never take having a kitchen for granted again! And I hope to never see another hotel/motel again.
I just took my first sip of Safeway's brand of kombucha, as you can see from the picture, I chose Gingerade, and wow, it is super tasty. It's super gingery which I love. It is sweeter than the last few booches I've tried but it's not too sweet. According to the ingredient list, they use oolong and yerba mate, which makes me happy. Most booches run anywhere from $2.99 to $3.99 and up. This was $2.49, and it seems to be equal to the others in terms of quality. I will definitely buy this brand again. They have a guava flavor, and also a mango mint that looks tasty. I'm just loving all the kombucha options. I'm trying them all now, because soon I have to go back to brewing my own for money saving purposes.
How do you handle food mistakes at restaurants, do you even go to restaurants?


  1. My first restaurant picture! I feel like a real blogger now!!