Tuesday, July 7, 2015

OOps, I Forgot the Pictures!!!

Cheesey kale chips, garlic Just Mayo, Hummus, and Kombucha!!

Chocolate truffle cashew milk ice cream, more booch, and Mama chia cherry drink
These are the pictures I took of my mini-haul yesterday, and forgot to add with my post! I found the cheesey flavor of kale chips at a different Grocery Outlet for the same awesome price of $ 2.99!! When you're motel/hotel living, you have to get your greens in however you can! I loved the mayo, have not yet tried the hummus, but I have faith, and I tasted the cashew milk ice cream in chocolate truffle, and all I can say is WOW. If you like chocolate, or for whatever reason NEED chocolate, this will be your new favorite ice cream. The cashew milk just makes it so rich and creamy I can't even imagine anyone asking where the dairy is. They also had snickerdoodle!!! I'll try that next!
I found another apartment that I'm going to go look at. I haven't yet signed the lease, but that will be happening today or tomorrow morning at the latest, so this is my last chance before I'm locked into something that I don't want.  The apartment is in Ballard, which is one of my all time favorite parts of Seattle. It's actually what comes to mind when I daydream about Seattle. Wish me luck, and happy Tuesday!!


  1. I've been wanting to make Chocolate Kale Chips with cacao might have to SOON

    1. Around the holidays I found some some holiday crunch kale chips that were coated in a minty, vegan white chocolate. I was skeptical about sweet kale chips, but they were sooooooooo delicious! If you experiment, I would love to hear about the results!!