Friday, July 10, 2015

All the High Fives to Follow Your Heart!!!

New to me booch, and vegan cheese!!

I didn't know they made a vegan pizza!

More Magnuson beauty
I finally found the new Follow Your Heart American slices. I also had the Provolone slices as an option, but American cheese was a guilty pleasure in my pregan days, so it seemed like the obvious choice. I opened it in the parking lot of the store! It is amazing, tastes great cold, and totally reminds me of what I remember as American cheese. It will make an AMAZING grilled cheese! I can't wait to try the provolone! I will always remain loyal to Chao, but there is more than enough room in my heart for more than one vegan cheese. The grapefruit sage bucha is delicious as well. It has a distinct grapefruit taste, and the sage compliments it very well. I never would have imagined sage and grapefruit to be buddies. It's very crisp and refreshing, one of my favorites of all the flavors and brands I've tried. The Vegan Harvest pizza was not as pleasing. I used to see several varieties of this pizza at the Co-op, but I didn't even know they made a vegan option. It has almost no sauce, it was pretty much like a very large pita with some daiya cheese on top. For the price of this pizza, I certainly expected more. I've actually never had a frozen pizza with less sauce. I don't regret trying it, but I won't be buying this again. Have you tried this pizza?
I also want to apologize for any weirdness with trying to leave comments. I was alerted that some people couldn't leave comments, switched some settings, and that seemed to make it worse. Things are all messed up, and people who have been reading this blog for any amount of time won't be too surprised to hear that I don't have the easiest time with the technical side of things. I am trying to fix it, and I hope like crazy everything is back to normal once I get settled into an actual home. Motel/hotel living makes everything a thousand times more difficult than anything needs to be. I should be getting my keys, and moving in today, so this weekend will be settling in, and trying to fix all issues, and hopefully feel like a human by next week. I'm still having good and bad days, and still feeling fear and doubt, but I guess that's to be expected when you make such a huge move. If I go silent for a couple of days, it's just because I have to get my internet set up, so hopefully next post I will be living in good old Ballard!! Have an amazing weekend!!


  1. What!!!!? Vegan storebought flatbread? All the ones I have seen so far aren't vegan! I will be on the lookout for this!!!

    1. I never even knew this company had a vegan option!! If I ever have it again, I will just add more sauce. I saw four different vegan pizza options at Safeway!! It's so amazing!!