Saturday, July 11, 2015

So-So News

No beach or food pictures today. Honestly, I did not eat one thing yesterday. I had no appetite, had the worst headache ever, and my stomach was not feeling normal. I got a phone call from the vet last night, and she was reading the results of Dylan's blood work to me, and it was pretty scary. His numbers and levels are way off, and they don't know why. She said he has fluid in the the abdomen, and they also don't know what it is, or why. They were re-hydrating him, and she said when they fed the kitty next door, Dylan was like hey, don't forget about me! That is a good sign, as his appetite has been spotty lately. Anyway, they kept him overnight, and I guess I'll know more this morning. She was talking about some other more specialized vet, and honestly I'm pretty scared because I can't even afford this vet visit, let alone a specialist. I'm kicking myself because for years I have been meaning to look into pet insurance, and I just always forget. One of the elevated numbers in his blood work was attributed to stress, which I'm sure he's under after such a long road trip, and also living in a hotel/motel. This move is seeming less and less like a good idea to be honest. The good news is she doesn't think his kidney's are failing. That was my biggest worry for some reason, and I'm glad I was wrong.
Thank you to everyone for all the good vibes. As soon as Dylan is back with me, he will be tanking everyone too. It's nice to have people understand the pain.


  1. That is great news about his kidneys not failing. maybe it was just the stress from the move and he will be okay.

  2. I just got him from the vet, and we're taking him to a 24 hour facility because he has fluid in his abdomen and they don't know why. He is on the mend, the vet tech said he was getting feisty and attacking them, so I feel much more hopeful. He's hogging my lap as I type, so for now all is right in the world!