Wednesday, July 1, 2015

On The Road Again!

I don't usually prefer chain restaurants, and I try to stay as far away from malls as possible, but yesterday found me at a chain restaurant in the mall. Running around finishing up last minute stuff for my trip found me hungry and close to the mall. I had heard some good things about a restaurant called Mad Mex, so we decided to live on the edge, and give it a try. Their menu is very vegan friendly! They offer daiya shreds, and tofutti sour cream! This might not be a big deal in some places, but in this town I was pleasantly surprised! Please forgive me, I'm running on little sleep, and I am full of emotion, and just a scatterbrain, so I don't remember names of foods, but I can tell you I had some kind of tofu appetizer that was pieces of PERFECTLY cooked tofu, dressed in this Sauce that was like a thick, sweet soy sauce, with peanuts, and it was served with bean sprouts. It was in the top five of best tofu I've ever had! I could live on that. My very non-vegan dining partner could not get enough of this stuff! I had a chopped salad for my entree, and they offer vegan chipotle ranch!! My salad had corn, avocado, daiya shreds, and the most perfectly grilled Portobello mushrooms. These mushrooms were so tasty. They had a deep, smoky flavor that was so pleasing to my mouth. They also have great guacamole! The server was so sweet, and several people checked on us. It was a truly delicious meal, and for all of my snarking about chain restaurants, I have to give Mad Mex all the thumbs up! I really recommend this restaurant! Just to  feel safe ordering food is pretty amazing!
Today is the day! My cats know something isn't right, and they are already freaking out. This trip should be nothing short of amazing, terrifying, joyful, stressful, and every emotion in between. My poor cats are going to have serious trust issues, but I think Dylan is secretly happy to be going back to Seattle, where he was born. Wish us luck, and hopefully I will be back soon!

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