Sunday, June 17, 2018

What I Ate Greens Edition

I started my day off with this beautiful green juice made with pineapple, baby broccoli, fresh turmeric root, and some Romaine hearts. This was good, but I forgot how strong Romaine is. It's weird how it's mild in a salad, but juice it and it turns super grassy.
I also had a strawberry, nectarine, mango and banana smoothie but I drank it all down with no picture. I'm really trying to give my body a lot of nutrients and love so I can get out of this rut I've been in. Although I love my green smoothies, fruit smoothies are such a treat!
I was wanting something different for dinner, and I had some lentils marinating in Korean style BBQ sauce, but I was also kind of wanting sushi or sushi burritos, so thanks to Google I came up with this very inauthentic version of Gimbap, or a Korean sushi roll. I just made a Gimbap burrito with the lentils, some Romaine and green onion. I made a gochujang dipping sauce and this was AMAZING!! It was pretty messy and maybe best for solo meals, but so delicious! It was different flavors and temperatures in each bite, and the sauce was spicy and a little sweet. One of the differences between sushi and gimbap is the rice. Rice vinegar is stirred into sushi rice giving it a slight sweetness, and toasted sesame oil is stirred into the rice for gimbap making it very savory.

This is a total out of order post in terms of food! I almost forgot about this beauty I had for lunch. I toasted an Ezekiel English muffin in the oven and spread some perfectly ripe avocado on top with  salt, pepper and of course nooch. I haven't had avocado toast in so long, is it even still a thing??  This was amazing and worth the gluten cheat!
I also finished these green grapes that have been my work snack. These were excellent grapes from Sprouts. Crisp, tart and a little sweet.
This post makes me feel a little better, I may eat a lot of beige meals but I  also eat a lot of green. It's all a balance right? Sometimes scrolling through Instagram can make you feel really horrible. People always having fresh vibrant beautiful organic meals while I can barely muster the energy to heat up some tater tots!

Friday, June 15, 2018

What I'm Going to Eat

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I went to Sprouts on Wednesday and they gave me a ten dollar store coupon for the tofu which was very nice of them. The guy also tried to talk me into some different types of tofu they have to offer, which I politely declined. I told him that I need a break from tofu because THE SLIME!! I didn't have the heart to say when I do decide I can eat tofu again it will be from Trader Joe's!! Or anywhere else really. Even though the tofu incident was pretty gnarly, I still love Sprouts and their produces prices are seriously the best. I got all this gorgeous food for forty nine dollars, and with my coupon thirty nine dollars. The best thing about shopping at Sprouts on a Wednesday is that the sales from the previous week are still going plus the new sales so it's a bargain shoppers dream!!
I've been having issues with spinach freshness from Trader Joe's and also Sprouts. So I'm going to make green juice with the baby broccoli which is organic and was only ninety eight cents a pound!! So I'll have green juice and then fruity smoothies. I've been really depressed and feeling like poo so I'm trying to flood my body with nutrients. Especially because I tend to eat a lot of beige dinners on my work nights.
I wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions on getting rid of the stench in my fridge. I scrubbed it two times with my cleaner from Brandless, then I cleaned it with vinegar and I have a bowl of baking soda sitting on the bottom shelf where it happened. The smell is about ninety five percent gone. I just put the baking soda in last night so hopefully by tomorrow my fridge will smell normal.
Found this flavor of lip balm. I'm a huge fan of this bran, I've tried three different flavors and loved them all, and they're under two dollars which is pretty great.
As I was taking a picture of my lip balm I saw Roxy just sitting like this! She's bird watching but in the funniest position!! She looks drunk!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Good and Evil

I finally found the new GT's summer edition kombucha! It's cherry, coconut and lemongrass and it is AHMAZING! I think it's my favorite of all their summer editions. And how beautiful is the bottle? The coconut seems to smooth out a lot of the vinegar-y flavor and it's just really fruity and mellow. Sometimes GT's can have a little too much bite but not this one!
So two weeks ago I got some tofu at Sprouts and about two days after buying it the package poofed up like this. No big deal, flukes happen, I exchange it for a different package. Well, yesterday I had two packages in my fridge, one had poofed up like this, and the other had not. So I took the package that hadn't poofed up, opened it to press it and it was smelly and slimier than I ever knew tofu could be. Also as soon as I touched it it totally crumbled. I'm gagging thinking about it, slimy is the worst! I'm getting groceries today so I planned on taking in the poofed up package. Well this morning when I woke up and opened my fridge the absolute WORST smell of super stinky Parmesan cheese assaulted me, and I saw that the tofu had exploded in my fridge overnight and the tofu/Parmesan water was EVERYWHERE!! Everyone is milling around my feet for breakfast, and here I am scrubbing my fridge at 7 am!! I'm obviously never buying Sprouts tofu again, and believe it or not I think I'm taking a break from tofu. The slimy crumbly block really got to me. Any suggestions for stench killers for the fridge? Although I scrubbed it down, it still reeks. Like I'm about to beg my landlord for a new fridge!! I know baking soda is helpful, but I feel like I might need something stronger! I don't want to put my nice groceries in this stink bomb today! Everyone I've spoken to at the store has been super nice and all of that, but seriously there seems to be an issue with their tofu distributor!
I couldn't have my planned sushi burritos last night so I made some mashed red potatoes with vegan gravy and I also made some 'chicken" style soy curls. I just coated them with nooch, garlic and onion powder and a poultry season blend and baked them in an oven dish while the potatoes cooked. Perfect comfort meal when I really needed it. A little hug in a bowl!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Some New Treats

A million and one people buy these popsicles where I work. Apparently they are made by a diner somewhere near SLC, and people love the diner and the popsicles. I don't much care for diner food, but I do love my popsicles so I just had to try them. The package I chose has lime, peach, cherry and grape. They have three different packages each with four different flavors. I tried the peach last night and it was pretty tasty. I feel so local and in the know!
I finally tried these vegan cheddar cassava root chips. They are so great. Really crispy. To me they're kind of a cross between a chip and a cracker texture wise. They have a great cheddar flavor. I will definitely splurge on these again!!!
I am totally in love with Sprouts vegan spicy "chicken" burgers. They're not breaded like Boca patties, they're kind of just like a super light burger. They almost have hints of a sausage flavor too. They're just really tasty and gluten free too. And they don't have a lot of funky ingredients either. I believe they have three or four Sprouts brand veggie patties, and I believe they are all vegan and gluten free. I plan on trying them all.
Last week I chose the Southwest black bean burger. These have whole black beans, corn and red bell pepper. They have a great smoky taste. I would say they're definitely smoky and not spicy at all. The texture reminds me of a Boca griller. Not quite super meaty, but not quite super mushy and vegetable-y either. These would be great on a bun with avocado and a slice of fresh summer tomato. All of Sprouts burgers are $2.99 for a box of four burgers which is a GREAT price!
Every time I bring groceries home in this bag and set it on the floor the girls go nuts. I don't know what it is about this bag in particular, but they love it!  Well, last night when I was walking home from work, the strap completely broke free so it is now the new hiding spot. I think Afro speaks for a lot of us especially on a Monday!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Shiny New Things

Friday I had to go shopping for two new things, one a pair of shorts or a cute denim skirt and also a new shower curtain. Afro and Joan had my old one hanging on for dear life. They chew on the sides, Afro on one end Joan on the other. They move towards each other like little beavers. As a result my old shower curtain was almost sawed in half. I lucked out and found a cute skirt for forty percent off, and the shower curtain I found at Bed Bath and Beyond was also marked down to nine dollars. Because I was able to get what I needed and stay way under budget I allowed myself to bop into Natural Grocers and get a couple of treats.
This is the shower curtain I chose.  I usually choose flowers or animals for shower curtains. But since I am fighting a losing battle with a rut I decided to go for something different. This shower curtain will be ruined in about four or five months anyway. But I actually love it!
Here is my skirt and these super cheap canvas shoes from Old Navy. I am one of those people who wears my stuff into the ground before I buy new and my old Vans are in horrible shape. Again the pink tennies are a little different but I felt like I needed to go different. These are just for work anyway. On my off days I am all about sandals and flip flops! I got these two things plus a basic black tee for thirty nine dollars. I've always appreciated Old Navy because you can find such great prices and their clothes last for awhile. I refuse to buy clothes from a lot of bargain places because it's not really a deal if the clothes fall apart after two wears.
I really love the Earth Balance cheese-y crackers, but I've been trying to avoid palm oil so pretty much everything Earth Balance is out of my life. As soon as I saw these I knew I had to try them. Maybe they will fill that void in my life. And the great news is that Sara says they're delicious!
The nuts and coffee drink was on clearance as you can see, and the Kite Hill yogurt was on sale. I really try and avoid single yogurt containers but I couldn't resist the lure of key lime and a sale. I'm a bad less waste person. I had both of these at work yesterday. The yogurt was AMAZING. Creamy and smooth with a great key lime flavor. The drink was just okay. I definitely would not buy it again, especially at full price. It has oat milk in it and I just am not a fan. I've had homemade and store bought oat milk and like rice milk it needs to stay out of my life. So, I don't really fault Forager project, I fault my dislike of oat milk.
The last treat I got were these Hodo Soy Thai curry tofu nuggets. I've only had these one other time, and if I could afford it I would only eat this tofu. Hodo Soy knows tofu. It has the best chewy texture ever. I just can't believe it's tofu! They must have a whole process of freezing and refreezing and pressing and who knows what else. I had my tofu nuggets with some quick cold sesame noodles. This was a cool refreshing dinner after being out in the scorching heat.
Lounging under the paper fort. I took the packing paper and draped it over my coffee table so it's like a fort. It's been a very popular hangout. Does anyone lounge better than Keeks?

Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday Stuff

I bought organic kale at Sprouts for a dish I wanted to make at the time, but yesterday it wasn't what I wanted and the kale needed to be used so I went old school and made kale chips! I haven't made kale chips since I lived in Seattle. I never buy kale chips because the price is ridiculous and just not in my budget. These were a really delicious snack while cleaning my apartment.
I made chili lime rubbed tofu from Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. First you dip the tofu in this lime juice soy sauce mixture, and then you kind of sprinkle on the chili seasoning. It turned out amazing! You can taste the lime and the chili really well. Tofu really is a sponge!! I would definitely make this for tofu skeptics. I also roasted some potatoes with similar flavors and stuffed it all into these gorgeous purple shells I got at Sprouts. They are corn and wheat tortillas so I'm cheating with some gluten but they were on sale and I couldn't resist that color!! I also doused my tacos with green dragon sauce. This was a really tasty dinner. And I felt all fancy with the purple tacos!
The sad news of Anthony Bourdain's passing has really hit me like a ton of bricks. He inspired me to cook and love food and to be curious, and always learn. His wit and desire to learn are what I loved best about watching him and also reading his words. The world is way less snarky today.  We never know what the person in front of you is going through, and no matter how someone appears on the outside, it could be a total mess on the inside. I read a tweet sent by Tom Colicchio that said this- " RIP doubtful doubtful. Tony's restless spirit will roam the earth in search of justice, truth and a great bowl of noodles." I feel like nothing is closer to the truth.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Pulling Myself Up

I saw this at Sprouts and had to try it! Kevita is actually one of my favorite kombuchas. They have great flavors, they aren't too vinegar-y, and they don't have any pesky floaties. Like all their other flavors it's delicious! I always tell people that Kevita is a great kombucha for newbies who haven't yet acquired the taste for kombucha. This has a great blueberry flavor and a hint of herb-y basil. They do really well at balancing flavors. This is very refreshing on a hot day. It's the first week of June and it's already been close to one hundred degrees here in SLC. I am dying and ready for summer to be over!
I decided to make a red lentil and potato curry before work. That way all I had to do was make rice and warm this up when I got home from work. I love red lentils because they take no time to cook. And they're delicious, healthy and cheap. As I mentioned yesterday I've been feeling a little blah, relying on junkier lazy food which is also making me feel blah so I want to try and stop this cycle before it just snowballs into a mess. I felt good knowing I prepared a healthy meal for myself, and I was looking forward to eating it all night at work. And we all know curries taste better the next day, so making this before work was perfect! I had another bad one last night, so if I would not have made this for myself I know I would have eaten crap. I feel that cooking for yourself makes you feel better physically because it's healthier food and also it makes you feel better to be proactive and love yourself. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sprouts Haul and Lazy Food

I mentioned the other day that I've been in a bit of a rut, and that includes my grocery shopping. I just kind of go into Trader Joe's on autopilot and get the same things over and over. Also, I've been really disappointed in Trader Joe's produce lately. I have trouble with the produce going bad after one day, or it's bad when I open the package. Last week I bought a package of three Romaine hearts, and two of them were bad. So this week I decided to take a break from them and shop at my other favorite store, Sprouts! They have such amazing deals on produce that I can still sneak in a treat or two even on a budget!
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I was so excited to see a new flavor of Kevita kombucha. It's blueberry basil. How good does that sound? I really want to brew my own, but I'm having a hard time finding a scoby. No groceries around here sell them, and I don't want to buy from Amazon so I don't know. When I have some extra time I'll search other online options.
I got all of that gorgeous food for forty five dollars. I feel like I got a lot for my money, and I even got a few impulse items!
Monday night I had some daiya mac and cheese for dinner. I was craving mac and cheese and didn't want to whip up a batch at midnight. It was nowhere near as good as homemade, but it still filled that comfort food need.
Last night I was lazy again. I couldn't even be bothered to press some tofu. Since I liked the black bean sliders so much I decided to try the veggie sliders. Both are great, but I do prefer the black bean sliders. I love seeing vegan and White Castle on the same box!
I'm definitely not feeling my best because in the past few days I've eaten a lot more junk food than normal. I'm just feeling some things and I need to get a grip. I got lots of healthy food at Sprouts and on my days off this week I'm going to make sure I prep some stuff so when I get home at midnight I don't have an excuse to fall back on something simple.
I needed to see this!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Win Some Lose Some

I wouldn't call my attempt at making my version of Lantana's carrot sriracha hummus a total failure, but it wasn't a success either. I added too much carrot. You can't taste the carrot in Lantana's version. It has the sweetness without the flavor. I ha a certain amount I was going to add, and I second guessed myself and added more. I was worried about the color of the hummus. I wanted to make sure it was that gorgeous orange color. Mine is definitely more orange and definitely tastes like carrots. it's still edible, just not what I wanted. I'll have to keep trying. My version kind of matches the skin tone of the Cheeto in chief!
Yesterday afternoon I went to the school next door to my apartment an sat in the sun while I leafed through some cookbooks. I've been feeling kind of trapped and uninspired lately so I thought maybe I could spark something in myself. The grass was so soft and the sun felt so nice. I feel very grateful to live next to a school. When the kids aren't there the yard is up for grabs. I haven't always had that option. I've mostly live in concrete jungles. It's nice not having to pack a bag, hop on a bus and commute somewhere just to be able to sit in some grass and read. I did dogear a few recipes, and I'm getting groceries tomorrow so hopefully that's a start!
I had some cauliflower gnocchi floating around in my freezer and some white beans that didn't make it in my hummus so I put those two together with some garlic basil marinara and baked tofu and had an amazing dinner! I actually was able to get much more of a brown on mine this time, they actually looked like the package. It was kind of a shame to smother them in sauce.Almost. If you didn't know these were cauliflower, you wouldn't know these were cauliflower!
Joan isn't exactly camera shy, but she isn't an aspiring model either. But yesterday she was sleeping all cute, and she noticed I was sneaking up on her to get a pic and she started really kind of shimmying around to make sure she was extra cute!! Hello cinnamon belly!

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Last night was definitely a fry night. I actually ate these at almost two in the morning because I had to take an Epsom salt bath when I got home from work. These are the Alexia salt and pepper crinkle cut fries. Just the right amount of pepper. I dipped them in some Just Mayo. In my pregan days I always inwardly gagged when people dipped their fries in mayo. But now I love the fry mayo combo!
I've talked about Lantana hummus a million times, specifically this carrot sriracha flavor. It's such a gorgeous color, and it's so creamy and very slightly spicy and slightly sweet. It's good with veggies, chips, as a pasta sauce, with rice, or with a spoon!
Since I had success with recreating their Hatch Chile hummus, I've decided to try and recreate the carrot sriracha hummus! I have some shredded carrots that need to be used so that's how I'm going to use them! I have a feeling this flavor is going to be harder to recreate so I might not get it on my first try, but I will get it. I want to eat this all the time an because of the price and plastic I hold back.
I ha split days off this week which is very challenging for me mentally so today I am off an I'm going to go to the school next door and sit in the sun with my book for awhile, and then tinker around with this recipe. Sounds like a good way to recharge to me!
To be honest, this is exactly how I feel and all I want to do. Cats always have the right ideas when it comes to lounging.
Roxy and Afro are keeping me company as I blog in bed. Hopefully a day of cat snuggles, sun and hummus making will recharge my dead soul!