Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's a Summer Miracle!

I have news that is almost too good to be true. Yesterday after blogging, I decided to look on Craigslist as one last attempt to find a different apartment. I will be honest, I wasn't filled with optimism. I didn't think I would be able to find anything that would be more affordable. Well, life taught me not to be a pessimist yesterday! I found an apartment in BALLARD, which as I said is my favorite part of Seattle! Ballard has gotten very expensive over the years, and I didn't think it would ever be an option again. I found a one bedroom very close to where I used to live, and it's a perfect location! It is maybe one minute away from three bus stops going various directions, and it is about a five minute walk from two different groceries(one being Grocery Outlet Woot woot), a drug store, thrift store, and also a little sushi place that makes excellent avocado rolls, and Bento boxes!! If I were a drinker there are also several bar/pubs in the area. It's the set up I dreamed of while living in Erie. It got so frustrating dealing with the public transportation. It took me a minimum of an hour and fifteen minutes to run and get one little thing at the store!! Anyway, I looked at the unit last night, and it is the opposite of the place I was going to move. It is clean, with a big window in the living room, a big window in the bedroom, and a kitchen with lots of counter space, and tons of cupboards to hold all of my bulk things, and what will soon be my new collection of glass jars! ha! The carpet is clearly brand new, no stains or funk of any kind. This landlord clearly understands that first impressions mean something. The unit is so much brighter, and cheerier, and once again it is in BALLARD!!! And it's in a small part of Ballard that hasn't been too gentrified yet, and it isn't totally hipstered out.
I am LOVING all this new to me kombucha!!
I filled out the credit report, and paid the deposit, and Marco the landlord wrote on one of the forms that Friday was my move in date, so sometimes really amazing things do happen when you don't expect it! As soon as I walked in I felt at home. There was no going back to the dingy dump with a random sink. Needless to say, today I still feel scared, still wonder if I made the right decision, but I feel much better than yesterday. Today I feel like I can handle the adventure, where yesterday I was almost paralyzed with doubt and fear. I just can't live in a dirty dump, and pay over a thousand dollars to do so!!! I can't wait till I move in and take pictures that I will for sure share! Since the apartment is move in ready, I'm hoping that maybe he will let me move in tomorrow, because hotel/motel living is so uncool!
Here is a beautiful picture(shocking) of two more new to me kombuchas. I am sipping on the Clearly Kombucha Asian pear flavor right now, and it is amazing. It's a little less dry than Lions Heart, and Townshend's Tea Company, but still on the drier side. It almost tastes like sparkling pear juice, just not so sweet. It's lighter than other kombuchas, and it's kind of perfect for summer. I haven't tried the Humm Kombucha yet, but I chose strawberry lemonade, which is my personal favorite when I make my own. Safeway even has their own O organics brand of Kombucha!! I have never seen that. The cashier told me lots of people buy the store brand, and it is about fifty cents to a dollar cheaper than other brands, so I will be trying that brand out for sure. I'm loving all this kombucha variety!
I'm off to my favorite place on Earth, Magnuson Park. I find so much peace sitting by the water, and hopefully it's warm enough to swim! I will snap some pictures to share! Have a wonderful day!


  1. I missed this post somehow...sorry! LOVE the park pics, btw!

  2. I plan on posting many more park pictures!!!