Sunday, June 16, 2019

Trader Joe's Vegan Haul!

I wanted to go to Sprouts and Trader Joe's yesterday, but because of situations out of my control I couldn't make it to Sprouts. Even though I made it to Trader Joe's about forty five minutes after they opened, it was still pretty damn busy. The Saturday before Father's Day, I should have known!

Green and white tea, sweet potato crackers, tahini, vitamin E oil, rose hydrating facial spray

Dill pickle popcorn, Persian cucumbers, Romaine, ginger, bananas, lime, coconut milk, garbanzo beans,coconut oil, lemons
Celery, carrots, tofu, vegetable fried rice, coconut milk caramel latte(!!!!), mango kombucha, mushrooms, butter lettuce
I told you guys I was craving salad! As soon as I got home yesterday I made a huge salad with leftover quinoa, butter lettuce and cucumbers. It was so freaking good!!
If you like popcorn and pickles I cannot recommend the dill pickle ppcorn enough. I think they only have it in the summer and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I don't know how they make popcorn taste like pickles!!!!
I'm really excited to try this! I saw this on Instagram a few weeks ago and the last time I was at Trader Joe's they were sold out. They have two flavors, original latte and caramel spice. I can't resist caramel so the choice was obvious for me. Trader Joe's has always been pretty vegan friendly, but lately it seems like every week there are new vegan products! Obviously demand is way up and that makes my little grey heart happy!


  1. DILL PICKLE POPCORN? OK, so I an a weird person who doesn't like popcorn, but I love dill pickle so I would make an exception for this.

    1. It's funny you say that! I don't dislike popcorn, but it also isn't my favorite snack ever. But seriously the dill pickle popcorn might be in my top five favorite snacks, it's that good!!

  2. What did you think of the latte?