Thursday, May 7, 2015

Victor/Victoria Vegan!!

Have you heard of  Victoria Vegan pasta sauces? I assumed that would be a brand I would have to special order, or wait until I'm back in Seattle. I was shocked when I saw a few varieties of this sauce at Wegman's! They had the original Alfredo, along with roasted red pepper Alfredo. Maybe I'm alone, but I got so excited to see not only one, but TWO vegan Alfredo sauces on a regular grocery store shelf! And a grocery store in a meat loving town like this! Even though it's a little pricey(almost seven dollars a jar) and I make a pretty mean cashew Alfredo myself, I had to show support, so I chose the roasted red pepper Alfredo. I bought a pack of organic Polenta in a tube, two beautiful heirloom tomatoes, and made some stacks. I just layered some sauce in the bottom of a shallow glass baking dish and layered slices of polenta with slices of tomato, and small pieces of original creamy Chao. I spooned a little more sauce over the stacks, baked for about twenty five minutes at 350 and what a gourmet little meal I had. I should have taken a too bright picture for sure! It was the perfect meal to have before starting a cleanse! But back to the sauce. It is a thick, creamy Alfredo, and it's the beautiful blush type of color from the red peppers. You can definitely taste the red peppers, and garlic. What I love is that they did not skimp on the thick and creamy factor. The sauce has no funky ingredients which I also love. On Monday night, I made my favorite Pizza crust, and used the rest of the sauce, Brussels sprouts, kale, garlic, and onion and had a rich, and delicious pizza. Although the sauce doesn't have any weird chemicals in it, I don't think it would be considered a "cleanse" food, but I am not entitled enough to waste food because of a cleanse. I added extra kale to atone for my sin. Ha. Anyway, it was a great sauce for such a hearty crust. If you haven't tried this crust, I highly recommend it. Oat flour is soooooo easy to make, it changed my life. I can't say I would buy this sauce all the time, because of the cost, but I would like to have a jar in my pantry for Alfredo emergencies. Although Isa tells us to ABS (always be soaking), I don't always listen. I have tried to make Alfredo with under-soaked cashews, and it's never as good. I want to try the original Alfredo next, and see how that measures up. Today is the last day of my cleanse, so maybe this weekend!
I don't know how much anyone cares about the ongoing saga of an elite group of vegans VS. Cassey of Blogilates, but I've been rally liking Swayze's take on the matter, so here is part two of her response to the attacks.

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