Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ms. Clean

This is a huge salad I ate this morning for breakfast. It had Romain lettuce, Lacinato kale, red, orange and yellow mini sweet peppers, celery, spicy sprouts, and some sliced green olives. If you look closely to the right that is the top of Dylan's head. He was wanting my kale. He loves kale, and also carrot tops! Anyway, for the next five days I pan on following Kevita's  1 to 7 day clean eating plan. It's not too far off from how I already eat, I just won't be eating pasta, bread, or really anything processed. Five days without my true love Chao is going to be so tough, but I'm a trooper. I also won't be adding salt to my meals, which is going to be a challenge, as I do love salty flavors. I guess I cheated already with the olives, but I am easing myself into no salt. The other big thing for me is no caffeine. Although I gave up coffee years ago, I do still drink green tea which still has caffeine. I feel a little fuzzy this morning from no stimulation, but no headache so woot! It's spring, I feel like I need to get rid of the old, and welcome in the new. After all the heavy winter food, it feels refreshing to lighten up.
I recently discovered a new YouTube channel, Banana TV, and they conducted a salt experiment which really made me see salt in a different light. The effect salt had on Caley's face and body was pretty scary. Here is the finale of the experiment, where she kind of sums everything up. If you have the time, it's worth it to watch the whole series. I found it very motivating, and educational. My plan is to go salt free for the next five days, and then see how I feel after that. I want to at least get to the point where I am using salt very, very sparingly.
I'm excited to see how I feel after these five days. I feel like I have been unhappy for so long, I'm eager to get back to myself, and feel and look my best so I am ready to say Hello Seattle!!!

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