Sunday, May 10, 2015

Moderation is the Key

So last Thursday was the fifth and last day of the Kevita clean eating plan for me. The plan was for one to seven days, and so I chose five days. Eating wise it was super easy, it's very similar to how I try to eat, but I did have to forgo tofu and potatoes. I also gave up salt, for the most part which was super hard! I did use things like olives, and I did break down and use some coconut aminos, but overall, I feel I did pretty well. The other challenging thing was no caffeine. I was actually really surprised how hard that was for me. I gave up drinking coffee on the regular years ago, and replaced it with green tea, white tea, or Yerba Mate. I didn't get caffeine headaches, and I wasn't irritable, but man was I fuzzy. I was so foggy, and just felt like I was borderline comatose! I truly felt like I could not function as a human being! I have decided to really reduce my caffeine consumption. Coffe, then tea has been a part of my morning routine for so long, I'm not about to give that up, so from now on I will alternate green or Yerba Mate with an herbal tea so I still have both the experience, and a little caffeine boost, but I'm not over doing it.
Overall I learned that I want to cut down on both salt and caffeine intake, but not live a life completely without either one of these things. I like doing little cleanses, or clean eating spells, detoxes, reboots whatever you want to call it, I like to do these every once in awhile to kind of see what I can improve on. I like to take tips and suggestions from other vegans, and then see what works for me and my body. I have both deprived myself of, and overindulged in many things in my life, and so finding balance without restriction is very important to me. The clean eating challenge also reminded me that I love to start my day with a huge green salad! I had forgotten that over the brutal winter. It also reminded me how much better I feel when I amp up my fruit and vegetable intake.
 Moderation and balance are tricky things, but worth striving for.
I also am realizing that I may never have the perfect bod, because I am going to have a vegan treat every now and again, and that's okay. What is the perfect bod anyway. To me the perfect bod is a healthy, happy vibrant body. I feel pretty healthy this morning. So, I will continue eating a fruit and vegetable heavy diet, with room of course for Chao slices, and other vegan treats.
Do you believe in extremes, or moderation?

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