Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I had heard of Amy Schumer, the comedian, but as I don't own a TV, I have somehow missed the brilliance that is Inside Amy Schumer. Has anyone watched this show? I haven't been able to find full episodes online, Comedy Central has them locked, you have to enter your cable provider, and I have none so blah. But after a really bad Friday night at work, I did binge watch a million and one clips of this brilliant show on YouTube. I also found one of her stand-up shows and I almost died from laughter, which would be a great way to go. She is not for people who are easily offended, she really gets in there, and can be quite raunchy. I used to date a stand-up, I believe she would be considered a blue comedian. She is one of the funniest comedians I have seen in a loooooong time. I have always appreciated those who can make us laugh. No matter who you are, this world is hard, and sad, and every day there are horrible things happening. We have to be able to laugh once in awhile, to balance out all the sadness. Comedy/Tragedy.  This video came on the heels of my frustration with Cover Girl's new ad campaign telling us ladies to "Embrace our face", while telling us to buy foundation to cover our face. It makes me gag. Anyway, this video is hilarious, and if you do own a TV, and have cable, I would for sure be adding Inside Amy Schumer to my watch list!
Also, yesterday I talked about the Kanwa mint mineral tea that I bought, and I wanted to say that it is by far the best mint tea I have ever had. The mint flavor is perfect, not too much. Too much mint can equal bitter. And I truly feel energized after drinking a cup, and it's caffeine free.  I am so grateful to the feline's for putting in those extra hours at the nip factory!
Sorry about the super gross anti-smoking ad before the video. The downside to watching these clips on YouTube is EVERY clip has one of three very grody anti-smoking ads. All I can assume is Amy Schumer fans are chain smokers?

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