Thursday, May 14, 2015

Animal Kindness

I was so proud last night, I made another oatmeal crust pizza, and I found a different spot to take a picture where it was a little less bright, and I took the picture holding the web cam upside down! This morning when I added the picture, it took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with it! I am a dork for sure. Anyway this is way cuter than pizza . This is Animal, yes she is named after the Muppets character! She has a very similar wild but lovable personality. Although she occasionally cuddles with the rest, she does tend to march to the beat of her own drum most of the time. She and I are similar in that way. I've said it before, it certainly was never a goal to become a crazy cat lady, but I'm not upset that it happened. I've learned so much about myself through this experience, and I feel happy that this little family got to stick together.
My Yogi teabag today says "Love is where compassion prevails and kindness rules" I have had a very funky week, and I feel the weight of sadness on my shoulders. No amount of Yoga is easing the tension. I'm going to carry this little tea bag label with me today. I hope to walk off my funk, and come home with my spirits a little lifted. Have a wonderful day!

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