Saturday, May 23, 2015

Reading Rainbow

Eat, Drink, Read!
I made a very tasty fruit salad with Ataulfo mango, papaya, and dragon fruit. Very sweet and refreshing. I hadn't had a Synergy kombucha in at least two years. It is the first kombucha I tried. It is definitely not one of my favorite brands out there, but it was a nice trip down memory lane. The Gingerberry was my favorite flavor.
I also have started reading The 22Day Revolution by Marco Borges. This is the man and the plan that led to the Beyonce vegan meal delivery that set many vegans ablaze. The book does have recipes, but it is more a book of information than a cookbook. It has a forward by Beyonce, and an introduction from Dean Ornish M.D. Marco has a friendly, but straightforward writing approach, that I think will appeal to vegan curious people. I haven't read the whole book yet, so I can't speak for it all, but so far I like it. He is definitely coming from a place of health. This is not a book where people will learn about the atrocities of factory farming. He outlines a plan to get yourself ready to feel better than ever, by eating plants! So far, I haven't learned anything new, but this book is for people who have maybe never even imagined a life without meat. He has a non-judgmental way of writing, and he comes across as a nice person, as opposed to a tyrant that is terrifying to deal with. I also like that he is constantly reminding us that making healthy choices is just that a choice that we make. He says it takes 22 days to make or break a habit, and as an ex smoker, he's onto something. The forward by Beyonce is also really great. She speaks so highly of eating plant based foods. She also does point out that she is not a vegan, but rather follows a vegan diet. She makes you want to eat this way. She speaks of the amazing health benefits she and her husband Jay-Z experienced, and she also speaks of getting that plant glow to her skin. It's quite motivating to be honest. So far this book has really impressed me, and I will recommend it anytime I come across a veg curious person. I could see it being not only motivating to someone, but also very helpful. Something else I really appreciate about the book is the recipes are reasonable, with accessible to the masses ingredients. It's not full of expensive super foods and super hard to find ingredients. I feel like that is important. Too many expensive and hard to find ingredients can be a turn off, and further spread the misconception that vegan food is too expensive, ridiculous, weird, difficult and so on and so forth.
I will be trying a few recipes, so I will definitely report back, along with some more horrible photos! Ha.

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