Friday, May 15, 2015

Pssst. You didn't Hear it from Me....

I went to the Co-op yesterday in search of a delicious vegan ice cream sandwich, and due to the warmer weather they sold all out of their So Delicious mini everything! I decided to get another hibiscus berry Kevita Probiotic beverage, along with some green chili hummus, which is a new to me hummus, and some chocolate to soothe my blues. I got another tiny but powerful coconut crunch bar, and I decided to try one of Taza's disc chocolates. I got the vanilla, because chocolate and vanilla. I'm super excited to try this round disc. I ate a piece of regular dark chocolate the other day, and after eating stone ground chocolate it just wasn't as pleasing. The regular chocolate just felt flat and boring. I'm hooked on the texture of stone ground chocolate!
I also talked to two different employees about Chao slices. One employee is vegetarian, the other not vegetarian, but leans that way, and they both raved to me about Chao! I think it's so amazing because these are guys that eat dairy cheese! They both raved about the taste, and texture. One tried the tomato cayenne, and one tried the creamy original. These guys might buy Chao now to put on their veggie burgers this summer, instead of dairy cheese. And they might have cook-outs and impress other people with the Chao slices. I know there are so many people who don't care, and that is sooooo discouraging. But I also think there are people who at least kind of care, they care enough that if they can find a suitable replacement for some animal product they use, they just might do it. But it's up to us vegans to keep tasting, and passing along the information. Both employees also mentioned that Field Roast as a company is pretty much nailing it. I of course agree, and it warmed my heart to see such enthusiasm from non -vegans. They will continue to spread the word to all of the Co-op shoppers. The power of word of mouth is real. I was feeling kind of funky yesterday, and I came home feeling a little better. Sometimes you get a little cheering from the most unexpected places!
Before I go, I finally opened the bag of  Tyrrell's   sweet chili and red pepper crisps and all I can say is I am ruined for all other chips, or crisps. These crisps have potatoes, canola oil, and spices in them. Every single spice makes sense, and they taste so fresh! They taste like someone made them for me that same day. I had never heard of this brand before noticing the sale at the Co-op, but I will be on the lookout always for Tyrrell's crisps. They taste like real chips with real flavor. And while you still feel like you are eating a chip, they aren't total grease and salt bombs. All the thumbs up!

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