Sunday, May 31, 2015

Forever Young

This is such an inspiring video! It proves that if you take care of yourself, and let yourself have some joy in your life, you can remain young, and vital! I'm so glad I stumbled across this, as I was just feeling so frustrated at work the other day. It gets so tiresome listening to the myriad of preventable ailments, and aches and pains that my coworkers, and customers complain of. They act like it's completely out of their control. Whatever their issue is, it's usually followed up with "oh well, I'm not twenty-one anymore", or some other type of excuse. Everyone is certainly allowed to take care of their body however you want, but it is annoying being surrounded by people who believe that their body is a dump truck, and an ashtray. I don't think anyone can argue that when you don't feel well, you aren't always the most pleasant person to be around. Anyway, this video is awesome in so many ways. I can feel the love and support for her, and it just feels like I wish I could have been there in person. I hope when I'm sixty years old, I can spin on my head!

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