Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Groovy Stuff

A little Groovy
I was super excited to see yet another new to me Kombucha at the Co-op. For the longest time, they only sold Synergy, and Reed's. Now they have Kevita, and also High Country. From the look of High Country's website, they have a new bottle design, so be on the lookout for that. This bottle was bought about two weeks ago, so the change must be very recent. Anyway, I was excited to see a Groovy Grape flavor, as I love groovy things, and grape is one of my favorite flavors. When I was a kid, and could sneak in some old fashioned junk, grape bubblegum was my jam! Oh, and I shudder to think of how much I loved grape soda. Blech. This kombucha is not as fizzy as other brands, including my own home brew. It also is way less sweet, which I'm sure a lot of people would like. The grape flavor was there, but very subtle. I was a little disappointed, to be honest. It tasted much more like how my home brewed kpmbucha tasted like when I was still learning and experimenting. One of the reasons I splurge on some of the bottled kombuchas is they taste way more amazing than what I have made so far. I would say that this kombucha is for those that like a sharper, less sweet kombucha. And I know there are a lot of Kombucha drinkers that prefer a stronger booch. It is amazing that there is a booch out there for everyone! Just to see more than one brand of kombucha on the shelves is pretty amazing, if you ask me! Even the meatier, junkier Giant Eagle sells Synergy kombucha, and also Kevita kombucha along with a few flavors of their probiotic drinks. I really love kombucha. As someone who was severely addicted to coffee, and for a stint energy drinks, neither ever gave me the wonderful feeling kombucha does. Anyway, I would say if you like a sweeter, fizzier booch, this brand may not be for you. But if you prefer a stronger, less sweet booch, I would say try High Country. From the looks of their website, they have a few new flavors.
I also can't sign off without suggesting that everyone run, don't walk to your local grocery and buy a box of  So Delicious Just Java Minis. I expected these bars to be like a fudge pop, or was it sicle? Anyway, I thought they would be that kind of creamy, icy texture. I couldn't have been more wrong. Luxurious is a word that comes to mind. They are creamy, and thick, and rich. Again, the size is perfect. To make it even better, they are only eighty calories a bar? With as rich and creamy as these are, it's really hard to believe.  So Delicious is also now using sticks that are plant based and compostable! So Delicious is really nailing it!

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