Monday, May 11, 2015

I'll Have Some Chips with my Tea

More Co-op goodies!
I love when the Co-op has the smaller, chubbier collard leaves! They are so much more tender, and make great collard wraps! I like to make my wraps with hummus, shredded carrots, and sprouts. Yum. I of course bought a ton of organic oatmeal, not for breakfast, but for my favorite pizza crust ever! I can't stress enough how easy it is to make, and the crust is really delicious. It's a denser crust, so it's so great if you're like me, and like lots of sauce and veggies! My feline friends put in some extra hours at their jobs and told me to get myself something special for Mother's Day, so I splurged on this tea that I have been eyeballing for some time. It's called Kanwa, and it is a mineral tea. The Co-op had mint, chamomile, and one other flavor that I can't remember. I chose mint, because I find mint tea naturally perks me up, so it seems a good choice for morning time, and my quest to lower my caffeine intake. I also tried another flavor of the Taza stone ground chocolate. Last time I tried hazelnut crunch, this time I tried coconut crunch. I am now as obsessed with this chocolate as I am with Chao slices! The coconut crunch is even better than the hazelnut! The chocolate just has this amazing crisp texture that I can't get enough of, and then add little pieces of coconut and I'm in chocolate heaven. The chocolate is so rich, you truly only need a small amount to be satisfied. That is the tiny bar on top of the Equal Exchange green tea. That tiny bar packs a punch, trust me. The little fruit under the green tea is in my opinion the Queen of all mangoes, the Ataulfo mango. I impulse bought the Tyrrell's chips. They were on a super sale, and how can I resist sweet chili and red pepper??  Tyrrell's website is really cute, and they had several flavors at the Co-op. I haven't tried them yet, but my suspicion is they will be great. I will report back of course.
Not pictured are the So Delicious Just Java Minis. I had to stick them in the freezer immediately because I walked to and from the Co-op, so poor things had been melting away on my almost two mile walk home. I can't wait to try these delicious looking treats!
I can't stop saying how happy I am about the continuous stream of new vegan goodies! In a world where it is so easy to get discouraged, you have to look for signs of hope where ever you can find it. I keep saying it because I truly believe this. It is getting harder and harder to use taste and cravings as an excuse for cruelty. There are vegan options for almost any kind of non-vegan food. And good, tasty substitutions.
What new vegan treats have you discovered lately??

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