Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter is a Brute

Winter is rearing his very cold, ugly head. It is brutal outside. My heart is breaking for all the animals out there battling the elements. I am so worried about Robin. He really loved being tucked in and cozy, I can't imagine him dealing with this. And the wind is so bracing. It's so cold, that I'm cold, in my apartment with the heat on, a blanket on my lap, and a kitty on top of that. So I can only imagine trying to find any comfort in these elements. Every kitty that comes to my deck for food has made eye contact with me at one time, or another and I don't see feral cats, I see sweet kitties who are trying to survive, and rightfully so have little to no faith in humans. Anyway, I'm so sorry to be a downer, but I feel very sad today for them, and I just can't be bothered to think about vegan food, or resolutions, or anything else. Give your animal friend a big hug today.
Something I've realized about myself is that I can handle winter up to a point. You know the cozy little Christmas commercials where it's cold, but no one is dying, and you can come in and easily warm up with a cup of hot chocolate? I consider that to be winter around twenty five degrees, at the lowest. That's some nice, brisk winter weather, but it's not what I would consider brutal. When it starts dipping into single, and minus digits, well I just have no words
To anyone else dealing with this, be safe, and be on the lookout for any animals who might need help. If any of the kitties I feed get close enough, I'm grabbing and putting in my attic. I don't believe in imprisonment, but I will bend my own rules until winter at least calms down.

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