Saturday, January 17, 2015

What a Dip!!

There are certain things that I rarely, if ever buy in a grocery store. One is hummus, and the other is pre made guacamole. Both of these are super easy to make, I always can taste the preservative, not freshly made taste. There are one or two brands of hummus that don't have the nasty preserved taste, but the cost of pre made hummus is almost insulting, so I have to be in a true hummus bind, or there has to be an awesome sale for me to bite. And pre made guacamole is even worse. I have NEVER had premade guacamole that doesn't make me gag with the taste of fake lemon, and it just is never worth it. However, I think I found a brand that while no where near as good as homemade, it actually tastes like guacamole, and there are even huge chunks of avocado, which never happens in store bought, and me likes my guac chunky!! So, the other night after work my tastebuds were screaming for tacos, with guacamole. I felt an obsessive need for guacamole. I always have taco fixings on hand, I just needed that one perfectly ripe avocado. I think we all know that finding an avocado that is perfectly ready to eat the same day as it's purchased is kind of like seeing a rainbow. One of life's very rare pleasures. There was no rainbow for me that day. What's a girl to do, other than cry in the middle of the produce section? Well, this girl noticed an orange and green box near the salads, and it was called Wholly Guacamole. It was actually on sale for about the same price as an avocado, I looked at the ingredients, which are: Hass Avocado, vinegar, jalapeno pepper, dehydrated onion, salt, and garlic. Nothing funky, I decided since it was my only guac option, to be brave and go for it. Well, I'm happy to pass along the great news that Wholly Guacamole is wholly freaking good. It is way smoother than I make mine, but it still does have fairly large chunks of avocado also. I diced up a green onion and stirred it in for some fresh onion flavor, and my tacos were delicious. I got mild(only option) and it was definitely mild, so it's safe for any spice babies. It did not taste as fresh as when you make it yourself, of course, but it didn't have an artificial taste either. I could taste the creaminess of the avocado, along with a little zing from the vinegar. I would be interested in trying spicier versions. I'm not suggesting to run out and buy this, but I am saying if you are ever like I was, and find yourself craving guacamole, and can't find perfect avocados, this will take care of your craving, I promise. A little diced onion, jalapeno, or a squirt of fresh lemon really helps.
In case anyone is curious, the two brands of hummus that don't make me gag, are Sabra, and Wegman's brand, both organic and conventional. I haven't tried all of the brands of hummus, but I have tried a few and those are the only two brands that taste somewhat natural to me.
Speaking of dips, last week got screwy for me, so I didn't have my condiment day, so I dub tomorrow condiment cooking day, so hopefully I will have some recipes to share! I am going to attempt homemade mustard, and the curry lentil dip that I dream of.
I hope your weekend has tons of dips!

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