Monday, January 19, 2015

Operation Seasame Street

I've always been a believer in positive energy, and positive thinking, the whole mind, body soul thing. Even when I was way more unhealthy/toxic at times, I felt drawn to positive people, movements, suggestions. I have always listened to people who have healed or changed themselves in any way through holistic practices. I've been on my own health/ healing journey for awhile now. I've learned so much, I feel so much better, and I am slowly starting to see changes/improvement when I look at my bod in the mirror. But I have recently realizes that I am still being bogged down my negative thinking, some from other people, some thoughts of my own. Feeling hopeless, and isolated can kind of cancel out all the green juice and yoga. Only I can change this. I have too many fur babies to just get the hell out of dodge. So what can I do to make my life more positive? I'm not exactly sure, but I'm going to find out. I've decided that tomorrow I will start a manifestation journal. I do believe that our thoughts  become reality. I see it in a lot of people who are just so miserable, even though they have so much, and I'm not only talking about material items. I'm saying these people have friends, and families who are healthy, and spouses, and then on top of that they have many luxuries of life that a lot of people will never experience.  And yet they are some of the nastiest ingrates you will ever meet. I don't want that for myself. That is actually one of my biggest fears, is to be a nasty, mean person without one ounce of joy in me. From what I've read, keeping a manifestation journal will help you to find out where your negative thoughts are holding you back, and also how old habits need to be  dropped like they're hot. It basically can help you get your shit together and get aligned with the universe to achieve and receive what you want and need. I definitely am itching for many changes, and I need to start the process. I feel like I've been having to let go of some thangs lately, and I feel like the reason is to make room for new thangs, and thoughts. There are so many things that I want to change, and when I reflect on my past, I see a lot of pain, and running from who I am, and just a blur of self hate, and just not being a productive, active participant in life. I want to leave a positive impact. I want to share love, and compassion. I want to make the world less like the Saw movies, and more like Sesame Street. I will be writing about the progress for sure. I am committing to keeping this journal  for at least one year. It will be so interesting to see what I've learned, changed, and manifested. I have a long way to go, but I have learned some things along the way, and one thing I know is you have to keep moving forward, and if your not open, you won't be able to take full advantage of any positive opportunities that come your way.

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