Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Try, Because You're Worth It!

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"- Unknown.
This was the first thing I read this morning. I love Yogi tea so much because of the quotes on their teabags. Nothing will ever get accomplished if you don't want to try. And keep trying, and keep trying. Trying is hard work, it can be uncomfortable. It can be painful, and even embarrassing. Trying can mean having to change, maybe even having to give up unhealthy things, or even people. Sometimes trying something new can get side eyes, or teasing.
Trying is also invigorating, energizing, renewing. Trying gives you the opportunity to really let go of the old, and bring in the new. Trying keeps you alive, keeps you fresh, and alert, always moving, never stagnant. Trying invigorates your brain, which is an amazing feeling, especially if you're like me, and have a brain dead job. Trying helps you to become more open minded to different possibilities.
It's so easy to not try, and there are people who never will want you to try, and will try to discourage you. But, what I have found is that happiness doesn't just come naturally to everyone. Some of us have to work, and make choices, and well, sometimes fight for it.
I've also discovered that happy little endorphins, or maybe it's extra serotonin, floats around your body when you try something, and really give it your all.
I hope you have a "trying" day!

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