Thursday, January 1, 2015

Off to a Rough Start..

Along with the Robin worry and guilt, I have been dealing with some recurring dental issues from my bulimic heyday. I started having major problems while still living in Seattle. I was seeing a dentist, but when you don't have insurance, the payments get a little too much to keep up. Long story short, I made one of the worst decisions of my life, and went to a dental "clinic" here. In a case of you get what you paid for, I have been having issue, after issue, after issue. Trying to get anyone to fix, or even address the issue has completely made me sympathize with gun toting mad people who take matters into their own hands. I seriously want to kick my own ass, because my intuition was telling me that I shouldn't go to this place. Desperation always leads to poor decisions, at least in my life. I still have no health insurance, and I can tell you that dealing with all of this dental stuff has made me want to be even healthier, because I know dealing with the healthcare system is tough when you have insurance, it's almost pointless when you don't have insurance.
I hope to be back to my old self soon, and I have so many post topics that I haven't even started, because it's just been a really challenging holiday season for me, and I've done a lot more crying then normal, and my head is filled with fog, and just a sad, dull ache. I tried and tried to write a peppy, reflective look back on 2014, and it was fake, fake, and more fake. And I started this blog as a place to be me, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
So, I say Happy 2015 to everyone, and I hope it is a year where humanity as a whole shifts to a kinder, gentler way of life, and solving issues. And I hope Robin comes to his senses in 2015.
And just in case, I would never actually tote a gun.

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