Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happiness is a Funny, Flexible Thing

I just got finished with some shoulder opening yoga, and I felt compelled to make a yoga suggestion for anyone who is feeling a little blue, or feels like they need to let go of some "stuff". Being stuck at a desk, hunched over a computer for eight hours a day, driving, and the stresses of life can lead to some tight shoulders and hips. When I do yoga that focuses on my shoulders, I swear I feel ten pounds lighter when I'm done. Lighter on the inside. I've been doing yoga that focuses on the shoulders once a week for about a month now, and I gotta say it's working for me. I feel taller, and my flexibility has improved with each practice. I feel like it's opened my whole chest, upper back area as well, which has improved my breathing.
As far as our hips, I've always read that our pelvic area is basically a junk drawer for our unwanted, can't deal with this now emotions. I have done hip opening yoga, and cried through half of it, not even knowing why, but feeling better, more calm afterwards. I can tell when I'm struggling with some negative emotions, because my hips will be super tight. I do hip opening yoga at least twice a week, more if I'm really roughing it, emotionally. Just like with my shoulders, I have become much more flexible, and I feel better overall body alignment.
It doesn't take long to start feeling the physical benefits, and you feel the emotional benefits right away.
Have a flexible day, man!

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