Friday, January 9, 2015

The Bad, The Good, The Vegan

I finally have an appointment today at the dental clinic that I have been having all the problems with, and I can't believe how much I have had to fight for this, and I need something fixed that was their mistake in the first place. The worst part is, I still don't know if their going to fix the issue, that's why I have an appointment today. It has been a real pain in more than the arse, and I have seriously cried more than I have in years. I look at it as maybe I needed to purge out some emotions, but at the same time I was ready for this to be over yesterday.  This experience has made me feel angry, less than human, and frustrated. I feel the anger inside of me always, I feel like my view on life is angry. I really have been working on letting the anger go, but it's really hanging on or dear life. I hope to get some good news today, and I can start to get over this hurdle.
That is the bad part of my day, the good part is that so far from what I've read Veganuary is making a huge impact. I read a few blog posts from people who are participating, and they seemed to be eager, enthusiastic participants, who while they won't fully commit to veganism after Veganuary, one will continue on as a vegetarian, and the others will drastically cut down on their usage of animal products. It's also very heartening because there is a lot more focus on how veganism makes you feel good in your soul. The shallow focus is fine (weight loss! anti- aging! fountain of youth! etc.) but I feel like the people who really notice the lightness in their hearts are more likely to take animal rights very seriously, and really help, and stick with it. I'm so glad that I've been able to see this positivity with my own eyes, to balance out the negativity simmering inside myself. And enthusiasm is very contagious. I've seen some really beautiful looking food. New vegans are so experimental, and I miss that in my own cooking, so it's time to get experimental in my kitchen! The main issue seems to be, what a surprise cheese! Mainly many find vegan cheese to be gross. I mean its like the age old of all age old problems. I encourage newbie vegans to have the patience to wait it out. I find that cheese, vegan or not is simply not something I  crave often. Although I have daiya in my freezer, it's been in there awhile, I just rarely want it. When I do use it, I use it sparingly. I think we all can agree there is such a thing as too much daiya.  I am eager to try Chao vegan cheese, made by Field Roast. I've heard great things, and it is in the daiya price range, which for me is more doable than some of the very high end, nut based vegan cheeses. Vegan food has come so far, it's bound to be a reality sometime, the perfect vegan cheese. But in the meantime, your mouth just kind of lets go of the need for that texture, and taste.
In closing, I say thumbs down to dentists, and administrators, and thumbs up to vegans, new vegans, and Veganuary!!

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