Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mental Immunity

Depression has been something I have dealt with for as long as I can remember. I have been to therapists, psychiatrists,  and on various anti-depressants. Over ten years ago, I was prescribed a combo of pills to take, and they made me trip out harder than any acid, or magic mushroom ever could. I had a very scary night, and the next day needless to say I skipped my "dose", and I have never looked back, or taken another anti-depressant, as a matter of fact I do my best to avoid any pill or medication. Anyway, it's been a learning curve dealing with depression alone, but I feel like I have a grip now. For quite a few of the past ten years I have to admit that I often dealt with it through drinking, which we all know is the worst idea, as alcohol is a depressant. So I was just like a hamster on a wheel. After my last relationship ended, a little over a year ago, I have really been working on this whole inner happiness plan I have, and I thought I would share a few things that have become very necessary and helpful to keeping my mental self functioning. I think of it as my mental immune system.
I think exercise is important, and two things I've recently discovered is that doing a combo of cardio, along with yoga is very effective, and really makes you feel strong and healthy, in and out, and yoga focusing on hip and shoulder flexibility are very beneficial to your mental state. In yoga, they say that the hips are where we keep negative, unwanted emotions, and boy do I believe that. And the other day I did a yoga practice to loosen the shoulders, and man I felt so fantastic afterwards I really couldn't believe it. I guess I didn't realize I had so much tension in those puppies!
Another important thing is nutritious foods, which of course also goes along with keeping your immune system strong. It's so much harder for depression to win in your body when you're brimming with nutrients. I by no means eat 100% raw, especially this time of year, but I notice on days when I try to eat at least 50% raw, I do feel better and happier, so try to eat raw fruit and veg at some point in your day. And I've mentioned it before, but when I'm feeling a bit funky, or emotionally drained, I make a chia drink, with water, about one or two tablespoons of chia seeds, and a half, or a whole lemon, and it really perks me up. The first time I thought maybe it was a fluke, but I have made this drink on multiple funky days, and it always works! Peppermint tea is another great drink. The next time you are feeling sluggish, try a cup instead of that afternoon cup of coffee. Somehow the soothing peppermint smell manages to relax, and energize me.
I feel like taking care of mental immunity goes hand in hand with taking care of yourself physically. It's kind of the same, eating right, exercise, sleep. But sometimes taking that minute to have a cup of tea and really savor the scent, and the moment can really help your mind and your spirit, and sometimes all it takes is one little moment to change your day for the better. And we are exposed to people's toxic mental cooties, as well as the common cold, flu, etc. So, even someone not experiencing depression can easily be pulled down by negative nellies.
I still get pulled down, and I still battle depression, and I have days where I cry more than usual, want to give up, but I am able to pull myself back up, without the false protection of alcohol, and it is really amazing to me that it's possible. It's possible to shake off toxic co-workers, and rude people without having to get wasted!
Have you ever talked to an older person who is just really negative about everything, and has nothing pleasant to say? I feel like life is very hard, and people can be very toxic, not to mention watching five minutes of the news is enough to make you want to cry, and I think it can infect you, and just simmer away, and the end result is a nasty old person that brings everyone down. I think taking care of your mental immunity is a way to prevent that. Exercise, have a cup of tea, take a bath, read a book, love yourself and be loving towards yourself, it will make a difference, a big one!
Have a positive, groovy day!!

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