Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gardein is Winning

A while ago, I emailed Gardein to tell them I think they are doing great things for vegan food, and they were so nice and mailed me a couple of dollar off coupons. I put one to good use, and decided to try a new to my grocery store flavor, the meatless meatloaf! It comes with four slices of loaf, and two packets of gravy. I decided to have some before work, and although the directions on the package say to either pan fry it, or microwave it, I cooked mine in the oven at 350  for about ten minutes on one side, and about five on the other, and I loved how it turned out. The loaf is like a pumped up version of Gardein's beefless burger. It has that same juicy, meaty, greasy in a good way flavor and texture, but with additional seasonings to I guess make it more "loafy". I'm not going to say it's "brimming" with veg, but onions and celery were spotted. I had mine without the gravy, I don't know if it's just me but I like gravy in theory, but usually it doesn't thrill me. Too brown maybe. So, anyway I don't feel the loaf slices needed the gravy for flavor, or moisture, but for gravy lover's I'm sure it elevates the slices. The first thought I had when I tasted it was, man you could fool some non-vegans for sure with this. I bet these slices make delicious sandwiches too, that might be what I do with the remaining slices. I have not had a Gardein product that hasn't nailed it. I know they may not be as healthy as say Hilary's veggie burgers, but I gotta say I enjoy Gardein more, and since it's a rare treat, I don't worry about it. Once again, I have to say that companies like Gardein, and Just Mayo and Earth Balance are just nailing it with all of these delicious options that keep coming out. It just keeps getting harder and harder for non vegans to make fun of vegan food, and I love it. I cannot recommend this delicious loaf enough, and I feel very strongly that it would pass the dubious non-vegans test also!

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