Monday, November 17, 2014

Get Up, Stand Up

I don't think I'm alone when I say that bullies really piss me off. I have been the victim of bullying, and I definitely know what a toll bullying takes on your psyche. And I was bullied thank the universe before the internet and social media. Now kids can be bullied 24 hours a day. No wonder so many take their own lives, I can't even imagine. I can't stand even talking to anyone who has a bullying mentality. It's a good thing I'm not a republican, because I would never be able to watch Fox News, because for reasons unknown to me, all of the people on fox have to yell, and be so aggressive, and condescending, and at times ignorant and mean, which is a dangerous combo, they all just seriously remind me of bullies. In my opinion, Bullying kind of defines America. We are almost proud, and have holidays celebrating bullies. Most corporations are big ass bullies, and for some reason we as Americans are A-Okay with it. I think sometimes we think of people who are bullies as "strong", or "a real man" (if it's a man of course!) or "aggressive, and strong in his/her convictions".  Bullies are actually weak, and there is really nothing impressive about a bully.
As you can see, I feel very strongly about this topic, and could actually write a book about my experiences, and thoughts on bullies, but I have a reason I'm bringing this up. I just read yesterday that the corporation Unilever, which makes Hellman's mayo, among many, many other things, is suing the makers of Just Mayo!!!!!! They are suing because by definition mayonnaise has egg in it, and so they are misleading the public, and harming the product category. They also are saying that on Just Mayo's facebook page they claim that consumers prefer Just Mayo over Hellman's. Unilever is claiming that this does not actually reflect consumer preferences. Excuse me but what the hell, and how the hell do they know. This has me so riled up I can hardly think straight. The bottom line is that Just Mayo is doing very well, and has become Whole Foods number one selling mayo. I talked about it awhile ago, and I love it, in my opinion not only is it the best vegan mayo(sorry veganaise, I still really do love you), but it is by far the best mayo period, and apparently I am not alone. I mentioned when I talked about Just Mayo that Andrew Zimmerman, who is a very meaty, I would say very vegan unfriendly chef loves Just Mayo, and has a quote on their website exclaiming his love of Just Mayo. He has started a petition to get unilever to drop this ridiculous lawsuit. I just signed it, and it took ten seconds. Please, try Just Mayo if you haven't, go to unilever's website and take a gander at their products, and please don't buy them. And please sign this petition, this has got to stop. I was reading an article earlier, and as that author put it, this is like the biggest bully on the playground going after the little nerdy kid. But we can all get behind Just Mayo, and show Unilever what dicks they really are.
What hurts my heart the most is that animals lives are really for me the bottom line. Just Mayo is truly delicious, and so it is the best of both worlds, people could still have their faaty mayo, and chickens don't have to be murdered, tortured, and in some cases ground up alive just so Susie, Kelly, Tom, and Chad can have a BLT, with a side of macaroni salad. And that is what has Unilever so scared, is that people are starting to realize they can have flavor without cruelty.

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