Friday, November 7, 2014

I Need a Squad!

I don't have much good to say today as I am completely drained from a couple of situations where I had to hear people talk openly, loudly, and aggressively about their racist opinions, and last night at work I could hardly escape negativity no matter where I went. I try so hard to not let this stuff get to me, but sometimes I just don't have the strength. So instead of whining about racist, toxic, hunting, hicks even if we're not hicks, I'm going to appreciate all of the people in the world who are tolerant and trying to improve the world, and continue to work on strengthening myself, so that one day I can ward off the man made blues.
A little ending side note, in addition to TMZ, watching the Hot Topics segment of The Wendy Williams Show online while eating my breakfast is a guilty pleasure, and has been a tradition of mine for quite awhile. It's light, and snarky, and I find I agree with a lot of Wendy's judgments, err I mean opinions. Anyway, I want a job like that, she has a whole glam squad, and not only do they primp and pamper her to look great and perfect for the show, they are constantly telling her how gorgeous, perfect, beautiful, on and on and on. And not to mention always reassuring her of her wit. What a different world I live in, I get told to shut the eff up, and threatened to be punched in the face by our esteemed "chef", and I certainly can't remember the last time I've gotten a compliment from anyone other than a cat! Anyway, life is weird, and I hope everyone has a lovely, non-toxic day with nothing but lovely, tolerant people!

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