Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall is not Cheerful

I'm sorry I have been sitting here for almost an hour, typing, then deleting, wash, rinse, repeat. I am just very sad today because it is now November. We are getting closer and closer to winter, Christmas is now being shoved down our throats, and before I know it I will be in the middle of another winter apocalypse. Right now there are five feral kitties that come to my apartment for food that I know of. I'm sure that there are probably more, I just may not see them. I am so sad and worried for them, and I feel so helpless because I swear I don't give an eff how crazy it would make me, if I could I would bring them all inside. I have an attic that is nothing but storage, and I have little if nothing to store. None of them will let me near them. I think they trust me as much as any feral cat can, they don't run away, but they also keep a fair distance, and they are always keeping an eye on me. I cried so many days last winter, imagining Al starving and freezing to death last winter, and the worst part was not having anyone to talk to, because no one else cares. I mentioned something once to my dad, and his response was "oh, so who cares about the homeless people?" So anyway, when it was finally spring, and I saw Al I was so happy that he made it! I just don't know how they will make it. When it gets really cold, I can't even put soft food out as it will freeze immediately. I try to always shovel the back steps leading up to my deck, but I remember last winter days and days where I'm sure no cat would dare venture anywhere. Anyone that says to me, oh I love fall, it's so cozy, well to tell the truth, I want to flip them off and tell them to have a seat. The worst part is that there are homeless animals all over this city, you're city, everyone's city.  It's sad that we humans think this kind of suffering is okay, and even think of homeless people and animals as pests and we wish they would just "go away".
I'm sorry this is such a downer, but I feel such sadness in my heart, I have to try to let a little out, so I can keep going forward and trying to help, not be part of the problem by ignoring it.

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