Wednesday, November 12, 2014

For Whom The Balls Toll

Yesterday was an EPIC failure. Robin was in the kitty carrier, I went to close the latch and he was outa there. I then chased him around my apartment, scared the living crap out of him, not to mention my other kitties. He didn't get neutered. He was so scared that he was seriously going to attack me, and so I made an executive decision to let everyone calm down. He was mad at me and hid whenever I came near for the rest of the day yesterday. I felt terrible and cried on and off all day, resulting in a pair of the most gorgeous cry eyes I have ever seen. And I have to work tonight. Zoinks, I hope green tea bags will help. Thank goodness all seems to be forgiven today, as Robin has let me pet him several times so far. I'm making another appointment for next week. I think I see the error of my ways yesterday. Next week I need to swipe him up closer to when I wake up, when he's not really paying attention. Once he saw me trying to close the latch yesterday, he was scared and there was no way I was going to get him, and he's simply nothing like my other kitties, he is not domesticated yet, and he still is not 100% sold on me yet. I didn't want to make him sit in the pet carrier for a really long time yesterday, so I waited till kind of the last minute, big mistake with a cat. You would think someone like me who is dangerously close to crazy cat lady territory would be a little smarter. I guess every thing in life is a chance to learn. Sometimes corralling cats can also be a two person job, so that was definitely an issue for me yesterday. That set me in a downward mood spiral yesterday as well. In Seattle I would have had numerous people who would have been able to help, or at the very least someone to whine to about how upsetting the whole thing was for everyone. Here I have no one and for the most part, as a loner by nature I can deal with having no fiends, having no in depth conversations, and pretty much trying to avoid society at large. But there are those times in life where you really want/need someone for what I don't know but you need something emotionally. Sometimes what makes me the most sad is not even having anyone to celebrate anything good that happens, or any achievements you might have made, because you don't know anyone who gives a shit about what you give a shit about. As I said, I am a loner by nature, so I can handle loneliness, I guess what I've learned is isolation is a real kick in the ass, and I feel suffocated by it sometimes. Thankfully the kind of moments where I feel truly isolated don't happen every day, or I would probably really lose it.
To end on a high note, because I've been dying to let someone know this, I completed Jillian Michael's 30 day shred level 2 the other day without a single grunt, or stopping to get a grip! I have been really doing a lot more intense workouts in addition to yoga, as I feel working out is so helpful to your mind and spirit, as well as your body, and I am noticing a big difference in my strength and endurance, and it feels so much better than drinking and smoking cigs!!
And if anyone has any experience peacefully corralling a kitty who has trust issues, I would love to hear any helpful hints!

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