Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My last post about Baking Soda

I hope I don't regret that title in the future, cause I really love baking soda! My favorite use of baking soda is as a face scrub. I make a little paste, around the texture of thin toothpaste, wet my face with warm water, and scrub away. If my face feels really in need of extra tlc, I will let it sit for a few minutes. Then I rinse, splash with cold water and wow my skin feels so soft! The first time I tried this was in the winter, and my skin was so dry and tight from the brutal cold and wow,it improved my skin right away. I felt like my skin better absorbed my moisturizer and I felt dewy, which is not a word I use on winter skin very often! I wash my face this way about two or three times a week. It has replaced the apricot St. Ives scrub I used to use! I used to really love that stuff! It was my jam for a really long time. But I feel that I get better results with the baking soda scrub. When I look back at various times I've been flat broke, I've had to buy the cheapest of the cheap cleaning products and hair and skin products.  What a shame for me and the earth that I didn't know what I know now. Not only are they toxic, but a lot of times you have to use more because they just aren't effective so it's just bad all around. I hope I'm not boring anyone who is reading with my constant love of baking soda, but it has been such a money saver, and it has made my skin, hair, and home cleaner and shinier and I am using way less plastic, glass, paper, etc. So I encourage everyone to save some money and use baking soda. Have a shiny happy day!

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