Monday, July 7, 2014

New to me Vegan Items

I was at my regular old grocery store yesterday, and I saw a few new to me things in the freezer aisle. I knew Gardein  made a beefless burger, I've had it and it was definitely delicious, and my boyfriend at the time loved it. But they now have a new Chipotle Black Bean Burger that is also gluten free, which is pretty cool because I believe that most of their other products do have gluten in them. And I also saw that they make a Fishless Filet! Wow we have come a long way baby! I have read a few reviews of the Filet, and they have all been positive so that makes it even better! What surprised me the most was that these things were not at the Co-Op, they were at just a regular store, and I can't believe it myself but there must be a market for meatless burgers and such in my little ole city. Since I've been doing my best to stick to a mostly raw till 4 diet, I haven't really been eating those types of foods, but I usually like to have a package or two of veggie burger type foods in my freezer for lazy/ too tired/busy days. 
 I think for me what made me feel happy is that a corporate grocery store like Giant Eagle ( which is where I was shopping)  is not stocking their shelves with products just for laughs. No they are in it to make a profit, so there must be a demand for it. When I was looking at the items, I noticed that they only had one bag of the Filets left! I wanted to buy the last bag, but I am on a hardcore budget this week so some other lucky person will get that last bag. With all of the new products that seem to come out daily, it tells me slowly but surely animals are being saves. Someone might be curious, lets say and buy a bag of Fishless Filets as almost a joke, taste them and be very surprised and bam mind opened which means animals saved. As an ethical vegan, I used to give an inner eye roll at people who were plant based for health/beauty/anti-aging/weight loss, but I now realize who cares. The reason is not important the act of not eating animals is what really matters. Same thing when celebrities go vegan. Even if it is only temporary, they bring a huge amount of attention to vegan foods, and most of them achieve their goals and have a positive experience, and outcome so why get irritated? Of course I wish they would stick with it forever, I wish seeing vegan products wasn't a surprise, but rather the norm. But we are fighting towards the day where we do not see a need to murder animals for any reason, so when I see signs of progress I have to acknowledge it and feel happy about it. Progress not Perfection right? And support companies like Gardein and the countless other vegan companies, because for people who really love meat the thought of a plant based meat is very hard to imagine, so when these companies make these products so delicious they are not only feeding vegans, but they are helping to open minds, and that equals saving lives! Have a groovy vegan day!!

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