Friday, July 4, 2014

Oat Flour Success!

Well just as Swayze of Fit on Raw said, grinding you're own oat flour is so easy! You put the amount you need in a blender and in under a minute, oat flour. And if I can do it anyone can because my blender is on the lower end of the scale. So no need for an expensive blender for this one. As for the actual pizza crust, I really loved it! I found it very easy to work with, once you get over the initial sticky phase. I wouldn't make this pizza for any people in you're life who are skeptical of the vegan diet, as it is definitely a healthy tasting crust. But I felt full in that great energized way after eating 2 slices. I followed Swayze's recipe for the crust but I added some garlic powder, and of course nutritional yeast. I topped my pizza with some leftover jarred sauce that I needed to use up, along with some thinly sliced broccoli, green olives, garlic, and nutritional yeast and a liberal shake of crushed red pepper. I absolutely loved it! The crust held up well to the toppings, and I was able to eat the pizza with my hands, no fork needed. It is very different from a traditional pizza crust, but I don't think that is a bad thing, both are delicious, and this is such a great inexpensive gluten free option! Sometimes when I'm at the grocery, and I look at some of the gluten free items, I think how hard it must be for people who are on a very strict budget, and absolutely have to avoid gluten. Or people who live in small towns, some of the gluten free flours may be hard to find, but oatmeal is cheap and I think even gas stations sell oatmeal! If you're curious about the recipe, check out the video on Fit on Raw on YouTube. I think I will probably always use this recipe for a pizza crust. I think if we try different approaches, a lot of our favorite foods can still be enjoyed, and give us pleasure, and fuel our bodies. So for me, to be able to have all those flavors of pizza, I'm willing to have a denser crust, because I'm not really compromising anything, I'm just accepting a little tweak. I really can't say enough good things, and it was so friendly on my wallet. I will be trying oat flour in more recipes now. I think it might make good muffins. I bet it would be a good substitute for regular flour in banana or zucchini bread. If you are curious, don't be scared, both making oat flour and the pizza are so easy! And one more thing, the pizza crust recipe does call for ground flaxseed, which a whole bag of flax meal can be pricey, a lot of bulk bins sell whole flax seeds, so you can buy a smaller amount and grind them yourself, using a spice grinder. Have a great day and I hope the sun is shining for you!!!

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