Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Month of Blogging!

I've made it a whole month! I can't believe it. Time really does fly when you're having fun! I can't believe I've actually hung in there because I cannot be more serious when I say that every time I post something I feel so nervous and dorky. And I feel even dorkier because I don't know what I'm doing! But along with the dorkiness I feel proud too. I'm trying something new, and the stimulation for my brain has been invigorating. I think we forget that our brain needs exercise, at least I have definitely forgotten that in the past. I highly recommend anyone to learn something new! So maybe my new challenge will be overcoming my fear of a classroom  environment because my private lesson plan is not going my way. I will have to really think on that one, as that is a big huge fear! Anyone who has or is reading this thank you! This blog, much like me is very much a work in progress. Goals don't always come as fast as we want. I'm learning that lesson for sure. I kind of gave up on goals in the past, so making goals and working every day towards them is very new for me. If anyone struggles with that, I can only say that it does feel so so so much better working towards something. I can say last week was a very challenging week for me. Everyday I wanted to give up and give in to toxic, " quick fix" type behavior. But guess what?  I didn't , I fought off the negativity as best as I could, and I did a lot of crying, but that's okay, I've read that a good cry every now and then can keep you young. ha ha! My liver and my lungs thank me, because I didn't drink or smoke, and it looks like this week will be a better week. So is my life where I want it? No, but I am fighting for happiness, not against it. And I'm going to end on a little lie. I said I was done going on and on about baking soda, but sorry Almost Vegan, this tip is for you! If you have pets, and also have carpet, baking soda is a great deodorizer for you're carpet. About 3 times a week I sprinkle it on my carpet and let it sit for awhile ( you can sprinkle it on overnight if you want ) and then vacuum and you have carpets that are nice and fresh! I know it works as I workout at home, and my workouts include yoga, so my face is flush with my carpet often! Its so much better than one of those scented shakes they sell, and cheaper! And those scented shakes are so bad for pets and you. And it doesn't take much baking soda, and it is so much cheaper than the fake smelly stuff. Dylan used to run for the hills back when I used the gross stuff. See he knew how bad it was and I'm sure it sucked to be that close to it. None of my kitties mind the plain baking soda. The vacuum is another story! Have a wonderful summer day!

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