Monday, July 14, 2014

Anything is Better than Nothing

As I've mentioned a million times before, I live in a city that on a daily basis reminds me that racism is most certainly alive. It has at times made me feel extremely depressed because hate filled people are depressing, and it always makes me feel like if people can be so hateful towards other people, and show no desire to change, and are raising children to be hate filled, what hope is there for getting people to be kind to animals? I should also mention that this city also has an alarming amount of bars, and oddly enough churches. It's strange to see so many churches, alongside so much pure hatred of other races, and cultures.
I say all of this to say that when I get depressed, I'm letting evil win. I may not be able to stop the racism in this city, but when people are drop a slur during a conversation, I can say "no thank you I don't like that word" or somehow let them know that intolerance is unacceptable. It's better to kindly let them know that not every white person feels that way. It probably won't make a difference, but than again maybe it will.
I feel the same way about veganism. I may not be able to convince everyone to give up meat, which is what I so desperately want to do, but I can do what I can to spark interest. Anytime I go to my local Co-op, and my dad saves me a trip on the bus and gives me a ride, I get him a vegan treat from the little baked good section. This past Saturday it was a vegan chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream type frosting. The time before that it was vegan whoopee pies which are to die for by the way! It doesn't mean he's going to go vegan, but it's showing someone food can be delicious without harming animals. We can have it all! A kind planet and delicious foods. And if you give one person a delicious vegan food item, and it surprises him/her with the deliciousness of it all, chances are they will tell someone, who might try something vegan, and pass it along and it can be a whole change!! I feel very strongly that we can't do nothing, we have to do something. Animals are being brutally murdered every second.
I used to think that since I'm more of a non confrontational person, what could I really do beyond my own choices. But there is a need for all types of people trying tons of different ways to be kind to everyone. We need to be trying big ways small ways and everything in between.
I know that even in this whole that I live in there are some vegetarians and vegans, so our numbers might be small but we exist and we have to fight for those that don't have a voice and we have to keep fighting. I am constantly amazed by the loyalty and unconditional love that is given to us nasty humans by animals so we have to stay loyal to them and not ever give up! Make or buy an Omni you know a vegan treat today and spread the love!

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