Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fending off Negativity

About a year or so ago I was going through a rough breakup, and before the actual breakup, about six or more months of a really bad relationship, and we lived together so life was pretty hard for awhile, and I had many bad days. It seemed when I would go to work upset, or angry and needed to vent about this person, I was met with open arms, and encouraged to speak freely and often. Pretty much any negative topic is welcomed. But fast forward to this year and I have really made some great progress in my quest to be happy, and most recently finding out that washing dogs is for me an awesome way to make extra money. That is huge for me as I have really struggled with the working environment in the city I live in. The top three worst jobs I have had in my life are all jobs I have had in this city. So I went to my serving crap food job on Friday and was feeling pretty good about life. Big mistake! The joy got sucked out of me within five minutes of being at work. I really felt that I was annoying people by saying anything good. And I finally stopped. This is like the age old question Why do some people hate happiness and why do they need to try to halt all signs of it? And what I've really been noticing lately is often it's people who are blessed in life who are the most toxic and negative. I feel very sad and drained. I also feel pissed because who is anyone to rob you of you're joy and happiness? I've noticed people who are more on the negative side will sometimes act as if you are dumb or na├»ve to be happy, or content. It makes me feel mixed emotions, on one hand when I'm not around them I actually feel bad for them, as I have been stuck before in my own web of toxicity, but on the other hand when I am around them I start to feel pissed after awhile.  I still don't know how to fight off the energy vampires. I wish I had the answer to not only fighting them, but curing the problem. Toxic people don't seem to have any passion for anything other than misery, so it's really a problem, because let's be honest, the world is a mess right now, and we need to start caring about things other than ourselves, and at a certain point realize that we need to change some things. And you know what? If you're going to sit around being all negative, just keep it to yourself. It serves no purpose to suck the joy out of people. So my advice to the negative nellies is to have several seats, and let the real warriors fight for change in this world.
It's funny but also sad that when I was a toxic, hopeless person, I had a lot more friends. I had a lot more people to talk to. Now that I'm on a quest for health, I'm feeling like I am on a lonely quest. But as pathetic as it may sound, I have some awesome feline friends, and thanks to the good old interwebs  I have lot's of imaginary friends to keep me motivated. And I feel so good physically that I would never trade how I feel for friends, because if I have to not be me to have a friend, what's the point?
It seems like dealing with negative people is a very important issue that a lot of people including myself deal with, and have questions about. I think we all need to keep talking about it, and trying to find a cure. And the more we talk about it and stand up to it the better, because it takes massive strength to fend off negativity. If  we can find a way to inspire people to be happier, the world would be kinder, that I know for sure. I don't have all the answers, but one thing I can do, and anyone can do is try to be the healthiest you can be, and lead by example. But what else can we do?

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