Monday, July 28, 2014

Grateful I got Teesed

A few weeks ago I was strolling through Wegmens, and I looked up, and almost died when I saw Teese vegan cheese on the shelf! It was next  to the shelf stable tofu. As I've mentioned I live in what I would call a vegan hostile town, so I mean what a shock! And someone has to be buying it, or they wouldn't have it on their shelf, right? So, I decided to try a tube. I don't really buy things like Teese  because it is out of my budget, and I have been eating very clean lately, but I had to splurge, as I seriously didn't think I would ever get to try Teese! Wegmens  had nacho, mozzarella, and cheddar style. I went for mozzarella, as I was already planning on making another oatmeal crust pizza.
Last week I finally put Teese to the test and it passed! I made my favorite pizza crust, which I got from Fit on Raw on YouTube, sorry I don't know how to do the linky thing, but she is easy to find on YouTube, and this crust is delicious! Anyway, back to the cheese factor. I topped my pizza with some jarred pasta sauce that was leftover, some sliced onion, black olives, thinly sliced kale, and Teese. When I was slicing the cheese, it reminded me of Follow your Heart cheese. I did not taste it raw because unless it is cashew cheese, I feel like vegan cheese needs to be cooked before I can stand it, and I learned that lesson with Follow your Heart, so yea I was way to scared to taste it raw. However, I can tell you that it melted, and it was cool because since it is circular, my pizza looked like a nice pizza with the homemade mozzarella, and it tasted great! In all honesty, I didn't think it was better or worse than Daiya. They both melt, and add a cheesy element, and both imitate mozzarella well. I liked the look of the Teese on my pizza, because it melted but also retained it's circular shape if that makes sense. I wouldn't seek out one over the other, but how cool is it that we now have options? Teese would be a perfect cheese for sliders because of the size of the circle. So I just feel so happy that there are more and more options, and these companies are making really great products! It is getting harder to use taste as an excuse for cruelty, but us vegans know that already, it's our job to show the non vegans that we don't have to be cruel to have the things we want.
I do have to mention that Dylan feels that Daiya is the only way to go, and he is pissed that I chose Teese over Daiya, so please take that into consideration when you make your choice.
My Gratitude list for today is 1) I'm grateful for all of the vegan companies who are working so hard to make products that are so delicious, even non-vegans can't argue. 2) I'm grateful to Dylan for allowing me to add to the fur family. 3) I'm grateful for my years spent in Seattle. They were filled with everything struggle, good times, terrible times, and everything in between. I feel like I discovered myself in Seattle, and I learned so much, and I truly feel like Seattle is home, even if  I never live there again.

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