Thursday, August 28, 2014

Warning: Venting Ahead, Proceed with Caution

For as long as I can remember, the powers that be push the Christmas season down our throats pretty much as soon as Halloween is over. Now last year I noticed a few stores just said screw it let's go for the gusto, and put out Christmas stuff at the same time as Halloween. But let me tell you something, we have reached an all time low people. On Tuesday when I was at the grooming shop, my boss had some home shopping network type show on as she does, and they had a whole Christmas scene set up and they were hawking Christmas stuff! I seriously almost had a heart attack. And Maureen (the owner) was so  calm about it, and when I expressed shock, she seemed shocked that I was shocked.
I have accepted that we are over consumers, and I have felt for awhile that we pay no attention to the moment, but COME ON! It is still August for the love!!! And the worst part is that they were hawking decorations for outside and inside the home. At a certain point doesn't everyone just have Christmas stuff for the home? Even I have some crap, and I'm not even that much into buying Christmas "stuff"! It's not as if  we outgrow decorations, or they go out of style right? Santa is Santa, Baby Jesus is Baby Jesus, Rudolph is Rudolph, and so on and so forth. I am so disgusted, and if I see Christmas candy before Halloween candy, heads are going to roll!
I also think it's hilarious that Christmas is a religious holiday, yet crap is being pimped out in August. Jesus is so proud of his little angels right now. ( eye roll, tooth suck)
Will people ever just have enough? Will we ever take a second to appreciate a moment? Will the selfie  trend ever die? So many questions.
Off to another amazing morning with Robin. It is so cute to see his little face, and I can see the fear, and when he chooses to be brave, it's the sweetest thing. He sometimes chooses to be in the same room as me, like when I'm in the kitchen cooking, and he will keep his distance, but watch every move I make. I cannot recommend taking in a wild kitten enough. I know there are tons out there. It is very little work, with a huge reward!

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