Friday, August 29, 2014

I Wanna Be Like Mike

I love those moments in life where you unexpectedly discover someone who is so amazing you can hardly believe you haven't heard of this person before. I had one of those moments two days ago. It was a mundane day of cleaning my apartment, and I found a video on YouTube to listen to. It was an interview on The Breakfast club, which is a radio program on a radio station, which is Power 105.5 in New York if anyone is interested. Anyway, the guest was someone named Killer Mike, who I had never heard of before. Well, my mind was blown. Killer Mike is a rapper, and his real name is Michael Bender, and he calls himself Killer Mike, because he kills the mike as in microphone obviously. Anyway they were discussing the events in Ferguson, MO and this man blew my mind with his very intelligent thoughts, and his feelings on how to change things. What was the most interesting to me was that he said he is a proud member of the NRA and I still like him! I don't mean to offend, but  I am not a fan of guns, and most people that I have seen who are pro gun types really piss me off. So that was also a cool reminder to myself that we are all individuals! Anyway, the interview is about thirty minutes, if you want to hear a really positive approach to fixing things, and if you agree that racism needs to STOP, I suggest looking this interview up. His father was a police officer, and I believe he said his cousin is a police officer currently, so he is actually more pro police than I am!
What was even more awesome was the same day that I saw him on The Breakfast Club, I started nerding out and looking up everything I could on him, and I came across a clip of him on a Fox news show talking about Ferguson! I can't imagine myself ever choosing to watch anything Fox news related. I think I'm somewhat allergic. The people remind me of bullies who never grew out of it, and why do they always yell? Anyway, wow it was amazing.
And as an added bonus, I found some of his music, and wow he is amazing. I have always loved rap music, and I don't think some of these guys and gals get the credit they deserve for how damn smart they are. I'm not really talking about the typical top 40 music, like everything else I;m talking less mainstream, that's where you find the smarts! I like his style of rap, and I like that I can feel his emotions in his songs. It is very real and raw in the best possible way.
Please look this guy up. He's been around for awhile, I am just really late to the show. I want Killer Mike in some position of power. We need to start solving issues as human beings. He spoke of us losing empathy as human beings, and I feel like enough of us feel that way also that we should be able to change something, right?
Please find his interviews, he is getting a lot of support on social media, so hopefully he is going to get more and more exposure on mainstream media. Lets get some thoughtful, logical, and most important, caring opinions out there, and actually change things.

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