Monday, August 11, 2014

Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar flavor Squares

Earth Balance has really been making some amazing snacks lately. I was at my local co-op on Saturday stocking up on bulk goods, and on my way to check out I noticed that they are now carrying the Cheddar flavor squares made by Earth Balance! I couldn't resist I grabbed two boxes! Normally I would never buy two of anything on the pricier side, especially something that I've never tried, but I've had so much success with all of the other goodies they make I felt like living on the edge. Well my risk paid off with these amazing crackers! One thing that I really like about all of the Earth Balance snacks I've tried so far is they are not as greasy as the non-vegan versions. It has been a million years since I've had  a Cheese It, or a Nip, but one thing I remember is how greasy they were. I remember that if I ate too many, my stomach would hurt from the grease. The E B cheddar squares look like an it or nip, maybe a little less nuclear orange, but still right away that familiar look is there. And they are crunchy, cheesy and salty, all the things you want in a cheddar square! I thought that the cheddar style chips were my fave so far, but I think the squares have taken over!! They have done such an amazing job of capturing that cheesy flavor, without the weird aftertaste that some vegan cheesy products can have. The Earth Balance snacks are on the pricier side( for me anyways) so it's a treat when I get these, but so far every splurge has been well worth it. Just like with their chips, I feel if you put these squares out in a bowl with some non-vegan peeps, I don't think anyone would think these are vegan. I could not be happier about these snacks, not only for us vegans, but for everyone. I feel that vegan food is becoming so effing delicious, that it is truly getting harder and harder to use taste as an excuse for cruelty.
If you can't find these where you live, if you happen to have a co-op, ask them to carry these. That is what I did. The co-op where I live is pretty good about stocking things that customers ask for. And although there are definitely some ingredients that look scary, I feel that they can't be too bad because natural food co-ops are pretty picky about ingredients.
Even though my gratitude challenge is over, today I am grateful for Earth Balance. Every company who is working hard to make delicious vegan food is really working hard to end cruelty in my opinion and for that I am eternally grateful.

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