Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gold Star for Me

Today is the last day of my twenty -one day challenge to rewire my brain to be happy by recalling three things I'm grateful for every day. I can't say that I feel an overwhelming surge in happiness, but I notice that I do feel a little extra skip in my step as I'm walking to work. So I guess my feeling is that it wasn't some huge change, but more of a little daily nudge towards happiness. The fact that on a daily basis I can think of three things to be grateful for is very humbling. I wonder when it became not okay to be grateful for what we have, when it shifted to never being happy, and always needing more. I feel like the fight and struggle to keep up and get more is causing so much damage. And I've noticed that it's a lot of times people with more possessions that are some of the unhappiest. It must be so frantic constantly trying to have enough, or be enough. And I would imagine empty.
I really recommend this challenge. Especially if your going through any kind of emotional struggle. For me the timing of this challenge was perfect as I am really struggling this month with feelings of deep sadness, and loneliness, and I was struggling. But as day after day went by, and I was able to come up with three things every day it kind of put things into perspective.
Today for the last day of the challenge, I am grateful for 1) clean drinking water 2) the beautiful sun which always cheers me up 3) the fact that not only do I have food to eat, but I have different foods to choose from!!!
If you decide to try this challenge, good luck! It is actually easy and very fulfilling.

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