Friday, August 8, 2014

Stray Cat Strut

There is a feral cat who lives in my neighborhood who I have been feeding for over two years. He still hisses good morning to me and I have accepted our relationship. I named him Al, as that name is fitting for a grumpy man. Somehow he lived through this horrible winter we had last year. There were days that school was cancelled due to temperatures, not snow! I cried the first time I saw Al this spring. I put food out all winter, but I didn't see him at all, and I wasn't sure who was eating the food. I spent many winter days crying for Al, I just can't imagine being outside. And all I could think was what an awful way to die, freezing and starving to death. So I am just amazed by Al's strength, and amazing will to live, and I am so happy I got to meet him, and that I am able to feed him. And I really miss starting my day off with a hiss when I don't see him! I have thought about trying to get a pet in, but his eyes let me know that he his not afraid to cut me. Al is amazing, and he has as much of a right to live as anyone else, and I am glad that although he won't let me try to find shelter for him, I can at least provide food for him.
Today I am grateful for 1) All of the Als of the world 2) The bodies amazing ability to heal itself  3)All the clean drinking water I want.
Have a great Friday!

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