Monday, August 25, 2014

So Fresh and so Clean Clean

So I had my detox, rejuvenate day yesterday. I do feel better, and darling my skin looks gorge, but emotionally I am still feeling a little blue. Considering the ugliness of the city I live in, and how homesick I am for anywhere other than here, a little blue is not bad.
I want to talk about the detox bath, and how you can detox and pamper yourself without having to find a lot of  fancy, expensive specialty items. As a side note, I totally appreciate that there are vegan companies that make what I'm sure are some amazing products, however they are so far out of my budget that I personally can't use them. But you don't have to look gray and toxic my friends, Beauty and pampering are now for everyone! My bath was 3 tablespoons of powdered ginger, which I buy in bulk at the local co-op, I buy about one or two dollars worth, and it lasts me quite awhile. Then I added a handful of Miracle sea salts, which I also got at the co-op for under two dollars. I sat in the tub and sweated out those toxins for about twenty or thirty minutes. When I got out of the tub my face was so red, it looked like I had just run a ten mile marathon!! I let myself cool off for awhile, then slathered myself with coconut oil. Today my skin feels so amazing! Over the winter I came down with a little cold, and I stumbled across an article about ginger baths, and I feel like it helped me get rid of my cold much faster, and I have been taking one a week ever since. I feel like it helps keep me on the right path. Especially yesterday, I needed to take that time to do some self care and love. And to keep myself as healthy as possible. The way I see it, I'm struggling emotionally, so my body has to step up a little to get us over this hump. The worst is when you are struggling both physically and emotionally, and you just are really stuck. I know, I have been there.
I hope my little cheapie tips help someone. It makes me very angry that certain organic non-toxic things are so freaking expensive. So I hope people like me know that we can still pamper and feel good, which helps us do good!
As a little p.s. you can use Epsom salts if you can't find the Miracle sea salts. I use Epsom salts often and you feel just as good.
I was listening to a podcast yesterday morning, and I heard a quote that I wanted to share. " What happened in Ferguson didn't just happen to Ferguson, It happened to America". I could not agree more, and I think those of us who believe in equality for all need to let it be known that Racism is just not allowed anymore.

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