Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hashtag Shelters

This is my sixth week working at the grooming shop. I still enjoy it, and it definitely beats serving slop to people for three dollars an hour, I also have learned that the grooming business is not for me.
I feel sad because I have maybe washed two dogs who were just totally mixed and purchased at a shelter. And they keep coming in. I know someone who is purchasing a maine coon kitten from a breeder. What the hell! I am out of the loop because seriously I did not even know that there were cat breeders! I know of one cat shelter here that is bordering on hoarder status because not enough people are adopting. This seriously has got to stop.
I don't know how we can shift the perspective, and where do you even start? I seriously think that some people feel like it's a status thing to have a fancy little dog. That going to a shelter is akin to god forbid shopping at a thrift store.
I know I just talked about my love of stray/ shelter animals, but I think that it needs to be talked about everyday. Why do breeders even still exist? I seriously do not understand. I'm sure that anyone who would read a vegan blog feels as strongly, but we have to figure out a way to get to the masses. Either that or maybe pool together some money for lottery tickets and win millions and start buying houses to give these sweet animals someplace to live that isn't a cage.
I know that Robin Williams was an animal lover, and also a vegan. His death has made me feel sad and I can't quite shake it, so in his honor brag about a shelter pet to someone hell bent on fancy dogs. I do everyday. I keep hoping that one of these days I convince Maureen that although Shelties are pretty cute, so are a ton of dogs that are in shelters.
I will not give up until shelters are the new pet store/breeder, and animal sanctuaries are the new zoo.

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