Thursday, June 30, 2016

Photo Dump

I had to take this picture of my new/used Ms. Rogers cardigan. I realized it's cornflower blue, so it made me think of  Sarah! My other cardigans are black, grey and deep purple so this felt nice and light.
I went to Trader Joe's yesterday, and I got there a little later than I would have liked so of course it was a frenzy. Weekends are definitely worse, but weekdays can be a nightmare as well. It's funny because most groceries have slower times, where you can feel more at ease if crowds aren't your thang. But Trader Joe's no matter where they are seem to always have crowds.  I'm a label reader, even if I know it's vegan, I like to look and think and ponder and all of that, and unfortunately Trader Joe's is not a safe place to read and ponder. Anyway, I made it out alive. The bus ride home was pretty fun. It smelled like an odd mix of peanut butter and body odor. I couldn't make that combo up if I tried! Also, there was a guy in the back of the bus who was clearly mentally ill shouting about traffic, and the bus being too slow, and all kinds of other things. I have to admit, and I'm not proud of this but I was a little scared. I was imagining what if this person pulled out a gun and started killing everyone. I feel so bad saying that, but I really was scared. I was at some store last week, and someone came in acting kind of aggressive and unstable, and I saw the look of concern on the cashiers face, and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Anyway, sorry for sharing my dark fears, but I have to admit I've always been a little leery of the world at large, and the direction the world is going isn't helping my fears.
Anyway, onto happier and haul-ier news!
Taco shells,chocolate covered banana slices,Ataulfo mangoes,onions,red pepper,shredded carrots and chocolate chips

tortilla chips,spinach,frozen mango,strawberries,lemons and bananas
Limeade,flatbread,tofu,iceberg lettuce,nectarines,and pizza dough
Garlic hummus,mango coconut pudding,peppermint tea, black and refried beans,avocado, red lentils and salsa
kitty hugs
I know this picture is fuzzy, but how cut is Afro? She literally gave me a hug when I was trying to take the pictures! She was so happy that I made it home!
Power to the green!!!
I made a delicious smoothie with spinach, frozen mango and limeade! It might sound crazy, but it was super delicious! The mango and limeade balance each other, and the spinach is just there for color and of course nutrients. Trader Joe's really has the best frozen mango. I've bought frozen mango at other stores, and it seems like they found the most unripe mangoes available. Trader Joe's mango chunks are nice and golden and ripe and sweet. I think of all the greens spinach makes the pretties smoothies.
When I was on the way to Trader Joe's, I was really feeling in the mood to cook. Like I'm talking COOK. But, unfortunately that mood passed, or that ship sailed or whatever. So I decided to go the easy lazy route and have some crinkle fries and try one of the Yves kale and root veggie burgers. Like their black bean burger which I LOVE  this burger is vegan and gluten free. I cooked it in the oven with my fries for about ten or fifteen minutes. I love this burger. I need to go to Grocery Outlet and see if they have more of these. They have such a delicious flavor. It's like a veggie burger, and a meatier burger like the beast met and had some beautiful veggie burger babies. The texture is nice and firm, I can tell these would hold up really well on a grill. I don't think Yves gets enough credit for making some delicious vegan burgers! I had some crunchy iceberg lettuce, vegan mayo, spicy mustard and banana peppers on my burger, and some malt vinegar on my fries. So good!!!
Happy Thursday!


  1. Yes!! That sweater is gorgeous! I was never a blue person but lately I've been all about it. So so pretty :)

    Your hauls always inspire my hauls :) I'm going to have to come back to this when I make my Trader Joe's list. That pudding sounds delicious I definitely have to take a look for it. Your veg burger dinner looks similar to what I plan on eating for the 4th of July :)

    1. I definitely never buy lighter shades like the sweater, but I think that's going to change. I felt really light wearing it!
      The burger was sooooo good! I feel like meat eaters would approve also!

  2. Oh and about the dude on the bus, I have been there before. I was on the LIRR once into the city sitting next to a random dude who was doing some weird shit. I was like if he flips his lid I'm the first one to go so I was trying to be nice and friendly to him. Unfortunately I feel like we live in a time where you have to be very aware of your surroundings. Too bad our health care system makes it so difficult and expensive to get help for mental health issues.

    1. Thanks for understanding my fear. I was scared it might seem like I am profiling mentally ill people. I definitely try to be kind and understanding, but unfortunately we live in a time where it is easier for unstable people to buy weapons than to get the proper healthcare. And let's be serious, when is the last time in this country that we've been able to go a month without some type of mass gun shooting. It's scary, and I hate myself for having that fear, but it's real and it's there. And unfortunately, this country doesn't want to do anything about it.
      You're right, it's up to us to be hyper aware of our surroundings. That's why when I'm in public you will never see me with earbuds or headphones. I need to see all and hear all!

  3. mangos + limes = amazing

    And much agreed, Trader Joe's is always crazy, to the degree I hate going there sometimes too! And I am use to crowds! I think it is partly because Trader Joe's is never designed to be grab what you need a go, it always has new products and such so it is very much a browse and impulse buy sort of place.

    1. I know. It's annoying because it isn't always comfortable to browse and read and think. I feel like I miss a lot of their products because i get too flustered to even notice! Like, I've been wanting to get that cauliflower you had gotten, and also their meatless balls, but the freezer aisle is always the WORST!!

    2. I never reported back to you about the cauliflower! It was pretty yummy but the cauliflower lost all shape in the oven. I am not sure if maybe it was because they were out of the freezer too long before getting into the oven (and therefore cooked the cauliflower too fast) but it was more like breaded salty bits of creamy stuff... which sounds gross but respectably still yummy.

    3. I wondered about that because some frozen veggies in my opinion lose their texture. Like I can't handle frozen Brussels sprouts at all!
      I'll definitely still grab some for those nights when I get a craving and maybe don't feel like making homemade!

  4. Dang! Didnt know about those Yves Burgers.

    That is what happens when you take public transportation. Although, there have been many times I have felt unsafe in my car and locked the doors when some mentally distrubed person walked by.