Thursday, June 9, 2016

MidWeek Munchies?

Before I show pictures of my mini haul, and this delicious pizza I made last night I just wanted to say that I am a person who is still learning and growing, and I make mistakes by the second. But I never want to be someone who rests on my laurels. I don't know where this quote came from,but I stumbled across it last week and it really zinged me. "Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does." I always want to improve my behavior, and there is always more I can do and lear. So, I say all of that to say that I have decided to return my clothes I recently bought to Old Navy, save for one shirt that I already wore because, well I bought clothes because I need clothes, not because I wanted them. So, anyway I was really just being Lazy. I know how unethical these companies are. And I know that by buying their stuff, even if it's on clearance is making me part of the problem, and I always want to be part of the solution. I just am not a fan of my bod right now, so thrifting is more of a pain in the arse, and also there are no guarantees of what you will find on any day and blah blah blah. I was using excuses, and that's not okay. So, not that anyone cares but there you go. I will be returning the bad, and thrifting for the good. I was already not liking myself and feeling dirty, and then I listened to a Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack podcast that just really sealed my decision. I know I've said it a gazzilion times before, but that podcast is the best. They always make me think, and inspire me to improve.
I was searching for rice paper yesterday, and unfortunately didn't find any, but I sure did find some other fun stuff! It's so funny to me because I feel like I see rice paper everywhere, except for when I'm looking for it!!
Oregano, sesame seeds, red curry paste, nori sheets, and soy sauce

Black pepper, Franks Sriracha(?!) Tofurky peppered and tofurky chic'n and booch
I didn't know Frank's was getting into the sriracha game! I have my doubts as to how good it will be, but I figured I'd give it a try.
Strawberries, golden raspberries, grapes and cherries
Romaine and Dirty Chai
You know what I just realized? This might be the first haul with no kitties! It's because in a different bag there were treats, food and toys for them so I guess they were more interested in that! It's weird not seeing any little noses or feet. Never to fear, because I have a picture of straight up cuteness for you!
Animal and Scrappy
This was unusual because Animal is kind of like me, a little bit of a loner and she doesn't cuddle with the group as much as everyone else. Animal was the first born, so she's miss Independent!
For dinner I made a delicious pizza with a pizza dough ball that had gotten lost in my fridge and needed to be used. I added spinach, black olives and daiya, and it was perfection. Well, it would have been perfection if I had remembered the banana peppers, but it was very close! I chopped up a whole bunch of spinach for this pie. It always amazes me how much spinach cooks down!
I'm trying to convince myself to have a responsible breakfast like a smoothie with all the fruit I bought, but leftover pizza sounds so much more fun!
Will I find vegan Marshmallows today?????


  1. That is a really great quote. I'm glad that you feel good about your decisions. Life is definitely one learning experience after another. I'm far from perfect and I do try to improve every day.

    Definitely a great haul! Those cherries look so amazing, I really need some cherries in my life! The pizza looks amazing! Definitely a beauty. And pizza for breakfast is a must!

    Hooray for kitties!

    1. I thought of you with the cherries actually, because I feel like cherries appear on your blog a lot in the summer months! Cherries and grape leaves make me think of you ! Ha ha!
      They were definitely a splurge because they were a little pricey, but cherries and grapes are sooo good for when you are craving some mindless snacking.
      I really love that quote! I have it on Post it notes in several places around my apartment!
      I did have the cold pizza, and I loved every bite!

  2. Returning finds to Old Navy took some will power. I have been wearing some .99 flip flops from Old Navy for years now, but I did see the documentary about how the casual wear industry is destroying the planet. Very impressive that you walked the walk.

    1. After years of being too self destructive to care about my principles, it's very important for me to walk the walk. After the comment below, I'm now rethinking my plan. My usual is to buy a few new items of clothing a year, and supplement the rest with thrift clothes, so maybe Old Navy is an okay store for a few things. I always assumed they were into unethical practices because it's America. Trying to do the right thing is extremely confusing and overwhelming when it comes to consumerism!

  3. I have to say something because i work in the fashion industry. Not all new clothes are therefore bad and contributing to environmental harm and poor working conditions and wages. It's actually the very large corporations such as gap inc (which owns old navy) which have very strict rules about the factories they will work with- there are suprise inspections regularly, no more than 40hr work weeks, and factories are shut down if they do not comply.
    Anyways, the choice is yours, but surprisingly very large american companies have a long list of requirements for all overseas vendors.
    What a gorgeous pizza!!! Yum!

    1. Wow, thanks for the info! Admittedly I don't know that much, and I just assume that companies like The Gap and such are some of the worst. In trying to research, I get overwhelmed and don't know what to do, because I can't afford clothes from a lot of these vegan companies! I would love to, but sometimes local and ethical is definitely for a different tax bracket than mine. You made me feel a lot better and gave me reason to learn more myself.

  4. Haha that picture of your cats looks like they are shielding the other from the paparazzi. XD

    That is great you were able to make those returns. I am dredding my current clothing situation. I am pregnant and still making it work, but ugh, it is painful to have to buy nice expensive clothing that I will be wearing for a few months. (unless I get pregnant again and stay the same weight) The worst thing is that I am not even sure what ethical maternity clothing companies there are! I've bought two official maternity things- one Target, the other from a company that I am not sure what their ethics are. I am thinking about ways to work around it, mostly thanking that I will be my biggest in the winter and maybe only have to buy a few pants and then buy second hand sweaters that are in large-xx large. But like everything needs to be new- bras, undies, EVERYTHING! AND I need to buy things for baby?! It is really is hard.

    1. Ha, I think some of them do dread when they see me with the camera! It's tough being famous, but not rich ha ha.
      I've decided that trying to do the right thing is absolutely exhausting. And near impossible if on a budget. I can imagine that there are super ethical maternity clothes, and baby clothes and accessories, but I'm also sure the prices are INSANE. I will never stop trying to do the best thing, but I have to admit that sometimes it's overwhelming, and also impossible financially.

    2. Yeah, I think my plan is to try thrift shops, and maybe try sewing a few items myself. Sadly I found some not so bad ethical maternity shops, but they are all in EUROPE?! Why none in the US? Stinks because I hate the styles in the US compared to what is in Europe. lol. I also might check out H&M, they aren't great, but they are trying to campaign that they are trying to improve working conditions for their workers.