Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Red Curry Green Curry

Afro, Animal, Scrappy and Chunk
I had to start this post with a sleeping cat pile up. As you can see, Afro is cleaning Animal's head, even though Animal is trying to rest!
Yesterday I found an avocado that had kind of gotten shoved behind my five million jars of opened salsa(!!) and it was not the color that I can eat. I cannot eat avocados or anything involving avocado once it has turned brown. Blech, I can't do it. So, instead of wasting the avocado, I mashed it and stirred in some turmeric powder and gave myself a facial! I smeared it on my face and neck and let it sit for like fifteen or twenty minutes. My face was glowing and gorgeous when I rinsed it off. Turmeric has been used since forever to beautify the skin, and avocados of course are great for your insides and outsides. Turmeric just seems to polish the skin, and really give it a glow.
Yesterday was a curry kind of day for me. For breakfast I made a red lentil and sweet potato soup with a little red curry powder and red curry paste which was really good.
A tablespoon or so of coconut cream made it thick and luscious. It was a white sweet potato which is why the soup is light. Lenny's has a ton of sweet potato varieties I've never heard of. This one had a deep red skin, but was white on the inside.
For dinner I used the green curry paste that I also got at Lenny's. It's so great, you can really taste the lemongrass, which I LOVE!
Here is the jar in case you're ever in an Asian market and looking for some delicious green curry paste. It's soooooo good, and so fresh tasting. If you love lemongrass, you would love this paste!
This was the end result. Green curry with garlic, tofu, scallions and Thai basil served with rice noodles. Yum and Yum. Thai basil makes everything tastier and fresher. I absolutely cannot eat Pho without it. I've tried, and it doesn't work.
I also learned that cats, or at least mine loathe the smell of green curry. I got my curry simmering and then fed them dinner, and it was impossible to get anyone to eat in the kitchen which is their normal dining spot. They were giving me peppermint face and side eyes till I moved their dinner out of the kitchen. Cats!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Speaking of cats, looks like playing-in-the-sink Chunk has an accomplice afar :)

    Kitten turns on faucet and floods shelter

    1. That's so funny, well not funny that the shelter had damage, but that is so something Chunk would do!!

  2. OMG the cat pile up is too cute!! I love that they all cuddle in a furry lump, it is too cute! That must be so fun to see :)

    1. No matter how many times I see the pile up, or different cute ways they sleep, it always makes me feel so happy!

  3. That kitty pile is too cute for words!!
    What a delicious dinner you made, that sounds like such a great combination of flavors. Curry pastes are often too hot for me but i do love the flavor so i keep trying more to find a less spicy one

    1. This particular paste was definitely less spicy than the Thai Kitchen green curry. I enjoy super spicy foods, but one thing I noticed and enjoyed was that without the extra spice I can really taste the lemongrass and ginger!

  4. What an outstanding idea for leftover Avocado! So simple!

    Excellent kitty pile. They love each other so much.