Saturday, June 4, 2016

Just Ranch is Just Amazing!

As promised I went to Target yesterday, and they actually had the Just Ranch!! I could hardly believe my eyes, I had started to think that space on the shelf would be permanently empty! They were out of the truffle Just Mayo, but hey you can't have everything! Plus, I love seeing that people are totally snatching up the Just Mayo.
Pecan caramel creamer, kombucha, and Just Ranch!!
Mini Justin's cups, and mini ocho bars! Woot woot!!
Clearance tofu scramble vegan burritos and Chunk
Face scrub to make me glow! Another great sale!
I'm so happy that Target is selling Kevita kombucha now! Target is an easy walk to and from my apartment, so the more stuff they carry, the easier my life is! I didn't notice that the burritos were gluten free until I took this picture! I checked for vegan, saw clearance, and grabbed. I have one in the oven now, so we'll see. Gluten free foods are hit or miss for me. But this burrito has hash browns inside the burrito!
Target was having a sale on Pacifica products. I think Targets are all the same with the sales? Not sure, but this face wash was on sale for like six bucks. I used to be a huge fan of the St. Ives apricot face scrub. I love exfoliating in general. I haven't used St. Ives in years, just because I went all hippy and started scrubbing my face with baking soda and other homemade scrubs. Anyway, I had a bad week with feelings and stress so I treated myself. Although I do prefer to make my own stuff, I also like to support vegan companies when I can, especially in the lotions and potions and make up department. Pacifica is one of my favorites, I love their perfumes and I have a tube of their mascara that is the best mascara I've used. It never gets clumpy or gunky like so many others do.
A classic
So, I just had to try the Just Ranch last night. I made some crinkle cut fries because I'm out of fresh potatoes. This ranch is amazing. It's a little thicker than the FYH ranch, which I think is a good thing. It's much more similar to the consistency of a traditional ranch. The taste is out of this world. I don't know how those guys do it. I really don't. The flavor is spot on. It really reminds me of like a buttermilk ranch or something like that. I still love and adore FYH ranch, but this stuff is just Wow. I think the FYH ranch is maybe a better salad dressing because it is a little thinner, and this is definitely a better dipping sauce because of the consistency. My mind is blown, and I just love Hampton Creek so much. I truly feel like this would please any non vegan. And it's at Target right with all the salad dressings, so it's easy to find, it isn't uber expensive, it's perfect. I want to move to a secluded island with Just Ranch, and Cenk Uygur. And my cats of course.
I'm off to Trader Joe's this morning, going early so I can avoid as much madness as possible. We're getting into sandal weather, and parents let their kids push those tiny carts, and my toes always get run over! I'm keeping my fingers crossed so tight that I can find the mango mochi and also maybe the vegan marshmallows!
I have to leave you with a Caturday picture of course! This is Afro. I wanted to post her picture because I've been thinking about Dylan lately, and I remembered how Afro just always got on his nerves so bad! I don't even know why, she was never mean or obnoxious to him. But if she tried to cuddle up with him, he would get up, gripe at her and then move away with disgust. It was just one of those mysteries! Her name is Afro because when she was a kitten she had quite the mane and it flowed in the wind when she would run for dinner. She's outgrown the fro, but the name still fits!
Happy Caturday!


  1. I just tried the Pomegranate KeVita on Friday! Pretty good!!!!!

    1. I love the pomegranate! They have a blueberry flavor that's really great too! Or, maybe it was blueberry pomegranate?